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What is Crack the Clue All About?

Crack the Clue is a treasure-hunting event that most OSRS players don’t even know about.

Clue scrolls are a unique activity in OSRS that will require you to solve puzzles, fight specific monsters, dig in certain locations, or speak to specific NPCs throughout Gielinor. The final step will always reward you a casket depending on the tier of the clue that will have a specific OSRS GP value according to the tier of the clue drop table and rng. You will be able to obtain both untradeable and tradeable items from the clue caskets, but mostly tradeable rewards that you’ll be able to exchange for OSRS gold unless you’re an Ironman.

Why Players Love Crack the Clue

Clue scrolls are a very challenging activity, and many players engage in solving clues. The potential to earn OSRS gold from the caskets is pretty significant and worth it, so whenever you obtain a clue scroll, you should solve it immediately. Even though you can have multiple caskets in your bank, you won’t be able to obtain a second clue of the same tier if you already have one in your inventory or your bank. Most players who solve clue scrolls, however, use RuneLite plugins or game helpers to help with solving them faster and get the OSRS gold reward at the end of it.

However, the routine of the regular clue scrolls, the necessary time investment, and the game knowledge involved are three big reasons why most players have chosen to use helpers instead of manually solving the clue scrolls. Crack the Clue is an event that takes away the monotony and engages all players in sharing potential solutions, crossing out already tried potential solutions, sharing and exchanging ideas on potential steps and solutions, and ultimately solving the clue together.


Crack the Clue 1

Crack the clue 1 was the easiest of the three events ever in the world of OSRS. Jagex held it in 2016, taking about four weeks to solve. The clues have been released one by one, each week a new clue.

Crack the Clue 2

Crack the Clue 2 felt a lot harder than the first one, and it started in February 2019. This event saw a lot more player involvement because of the seemingly unsolvable final step, and it experienced spikes of interest based on new hints or clues dropped by the J-mods from time to time to hype the interest. Jagex released the first four steps, 1 for every of the first initial weeks, and then the final step took the longest to resolve.

Crack the Clue 3

Crack the Clue 3 was released in Autumn 2022 and is anticipated to be more complicated than the first events combined.

Besides the four clues, there is also a video teaser that will reveal some information about the clue. Any OSRS account can participate in the hunt, and similar to the previous versions of the event, you will not need more than level 1 in any skill to solve the clue scroll.

Unlike the previous events having additional items in your inventory will prevent you from completing the steps. All the clue steps are available in the F2P version, drastically restricting the search area and making it possible for any new player to join the hunt.

Each clue will require you to perform one or more actions to solve. The first person who solves each clue will have their name broadcasted in-game. There are already a few communities that you can join which are dedicated to solving the crack the clue 3.

The clue hunt started on September 13 with a mysterious message that announced that Jagex would reveal some clues in the following weeks. This was shortly followed by a Twitter message that hinted that Crack the Clue 3 was coming.

Are the Crack the Clue Events Worth Doing?

This is a debatable question, as this event targets a particular population of the game. Players who have already tried most of the activities in which they can earn XP or OSRS gold can opt to get into the Crack the Clue events to try something new. The only requirement for the population attempting to solve the clue is that you must have minimal game knowledge and a sharp and creative mind. The promise of endless wealth at the end of the video which could equate to a vast OSRS gold reward is a tempting prospect, though.

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