WhatsApp adds support for stickers

The messaging app WhatsApp already supported emojis and GIFs, but soon there will also be (finally) stickers attached.

WhatsApp stickers

For several years now, Facebook Messenger has offered you the possibility to send extensive sticker collections to your friends. In the end, GIFs were added to give your experience a bit more fun. WhatsApp then does just the opposite. The messaging app already supported the possibility of sending GIFs for a while, but in terms of stickers, it remained silent, at least until today. In a blog post, it was announced that WhatsApp will also contain stickers soon.

Although WhatsApp is part of Facebook, it is not to be noticed when designing the stickers. The app contains completely new, unique stickers that were not available, are or will be on Messenger. The possibility has also been added for third parties to design sticker packs to introduce them into the app.

To make the latter a little easier, WhatsApp has added a set of APIs and interfaces with which developers can build sticker apps with which stickers can be added to the message app. Users will, therefore, be able to download those separate sticker apps to send new sets of stickers in WhatsApp.

The update will finally be available for both iOS and Android and will be distributed in the coming weeks. Developers who would like to design stickers themselves can obtain more information here.

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