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YouTube is Trying to Automatically Add Chapters to Videos!

Assisted by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

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YouTube has released a new feature called Chapters which allows creators to add a ‘Video chapters’ to the videos they upload to make it easier for viewers to jump to certain parts of the video.

However, at this time the Chapters feature still had to be entered by the uploader manually. Although, entering the chapters manually and also setting the timestamps yourself is quite a hassle and takes a lot of time.

This also makes YouTube interested in creating an AI that can input chapters automatically. Yes, please note that this feature is currently being tested by YouTube and is still in an experimental stage.

Chapters feature in Apple Arcade videos uploaded by Apple
Chapters feature in Apple Arcade videos uploaded by Apple (photo / PhoneArena)

By utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology that will examine all parts of the video to be uploaded, later the AI ​​can determine which parts will be given the chapters along with the selected text for the chapters.

But it takes quite a long time for the AI ​​to be able to determine the chapters of the videos uploaded by all YouTube creators. The reason is that not all uploaded videos have the same structure and there are even videos that don’t need to present chapters at all.

So that’s why Google is currently only testing this feature in a small group of videos. Until now it is still not known when this feature will be officially launched. Let’s just wait for when it’s available!


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