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Smartphone Technology Trends in 2020, What Are They?

As the year transitions, mobile trends and technology will also change. Gadgets or devices that will come out in 2020 will definitely be more sophisticated and have new features.

As the year transitions, mobile trends and technology will also change. Gadgets or devices that will come out in 2020 will definitely be more sophisticated and have new features.

In September 2019, the world was shocked by the unique design released by the iPhone 11. These three highly iconic back cameras make a lot of people talk about this smartphone. Both the pros and cons of the exorbitant price, the design and features provided.

But in terms of features, the iPhone is quite lagging behind other Android-based smartphones, such as the 3 front cameras that provide ultra-wide where Samsung already used this feature in April 2019. The iPhone’s role is to perfect existing features at that time with more exclusive offerings and results which is much better.

What other features will appear in 2020? Many say that the refinement of software so that 5G technology is more perfect, the increase in AI and folding smartphones will become a trend in 2020.

Here are the smartphone technology trends in 2020

1. Commercialization of 5G is getting closer

The commercialization of the fifth-generation internet connection network (5G) is getting closer to reality. Some countries that have already tried it, now plan to officially launch their services.

Recently Qualcomm released a new product, the Snapdragon 865. The emergence of this device should provide many ideas for smartphone manufacturers to present something new in 2020.

Surely 5G technology that is ready to run by this chip will come later in 2020. Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, OnePlus and Motorola also plan to pair this chip and prepare for 5G technology with 7.5Gbps speed.

In November 2019, MTN telecommunications company have been preparing even though it is only a trial. During this trial, it took just 15.78 seconds to download a 2.3 GB video on the 5G network. The same file on 4G took exactly 5 minutes, 3.84 seconds. but along with developments that have been made, MTN says it is already working to enable ‘Voice over 5G’ and gaming testing claimed to have been successful.

2. Mental health technology

digital wellbeing

Technology and mental health concerns have pushed new trends in the development of applications and telephones today. Instagram is now experimenting with removing the Like feature, trying to make social media a less toxic environment.

Android makes screen-off mode a mandatory feature in the latest software updates to help users control their use. The company is becoming a little more health-conscious, and the trend is seen to be affecting more applications and devices this year.

3. AR and AI more massive

AI and AR

AR and AI are the technologies we use when using camera filters found on Instagram and Snapchat. AR is a technology that captures reality in front of a smartphone and AI acts as the brain that translates it.

It was predicted that in 2020, the AR function will be further maximized. Starting from how the camera captures more detailed objects when shooting, slower and sharper slow motion video, a better functioning voice assistant to radar gestures made by Google Pixel 4 that can control smartphones with hand and eye movements without touching the screen.

4. Double or folding screen

Motorola Razr 2019Samsung and Motorola generate a lot of positive and negative reactions with their folding screen smartphones. But many manufacturers still want to follow their lead in developing folding screens.

Moreover, Motorola with its Razr which displays the look of a 2000s handphone with the current style. Many Razr users have long wanted to buy it in 2020.

This trend has begun to be followed by Microsoft, Oneplus & Google by issuing a dual-screen smartphone and can be folded. Will this step be booming in 2020?

5. The price of Flagship class phones is getting cheaper

Xiaomi Mi Note10 Colour Variants

In many ways, products such as Xiaomi and OPPO are a trend in itself, marrying superior specifications at a middle-class price but equipped with the technology of a class of big players.

And it seems that this year smartphones with the theme of budget-friendly flagships will be present which are scheduled for renewal in 2020.

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