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Best Battle Royale Games for PC (Windows and Mac) in 2022

Here's a list of the best battle royale games for PC, and these games can be downloaded and played on Windows and Mac PC.

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Are you looking for battle royale games for PC? You’re definitely in the right spot to get the list of battle royale games for your PC. After playing so many battle royale games on Android or iOS, it’s good to try something new on PC and there are plenty of these games made available for Windows and Mac PC.

Battle Royale Games are popular for action. They are often characterized by intense shootout games that will keep you on your toes and keeps getting even more interesting as new seasons show. Each game has unique storylines and distinct features that make them stand out among the rest of the games.

That’s why in today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll get to see a list of the best battle royale games for PC and these are games you can download and play on your Windows and Mac laptops or desktops.

However, your device determines the games you get to play. Here is a list of Battle Royale Games that you can play on your PC (Windows or Mac).

List of The Best Battle Royale Games for PC (Windows & Mac)

1. Apex Legends

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Battle Royale Games for PC

Apex Legends has been one of the hottest battle royale games on PC and there’s no denying it has the best sci-fi battle royale gameplay, this game is very addictive and quite intense as well, its a game that features battle royale mode, arena mode and also limited-time modes.

The game’s connection to the popular Titanfall Universe also makes it more alluring and charming to the players. Its unique characters and their special individual abilities also make Apex Legends stand out among the rest of the Battle Royale Games for PC.

2. Call of Duty: Warzone

Battle Royale Games for PC

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Introducing unique packages such as load-out kits and respawn matches, Call Of Duty stands out as a pretty tough and intense game. Even if you’re a fan of the traditional first-person shooter type of game, you’d automatically fall in love with the gameplay and uniqueness of Call of Duty. Published by Activision and gaining popularity as soon as it was published, Call of Duty remains one of the top and most popular Battle Royale Games in the world of gaming and it’s a game you can download and play on Windows and Mac.

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3. Fortnite

Fortnite for PC

Like Apex Legends and some other Battle Royale Games, the player is dropped on a map alone or in duos. They scavenge and find weapons to battle against other players and survive on the map. What’s the catch? You can play without restriction with players from other bases. You can also protective structures for your characters.

Fortnite offers a different style of battle royale gameplay and while its gameplay is less realistic than its competitors, it still offers something different. If you’re a gamer who doesn’t want Shooting Games all the time, you might consider playing Fortnite on your PC.


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Launched in 2020, CRSED: F.O.A.D is another online multiplayer game that features battle royale gameplay, this game is known to be one of the best on PC, it’s available across different gaming consoles and you can download it on Windows and Linux PC as well. In this game you can use all sorts of skills and experiences, there are different machines and weapons that’ll ease your path to victory, it also features cross-platform gameplay as well.

CRSED: F.O.A.D. has smooth graphics with minimal realistic gameplay, it’s a nice battle royale game and it’s worth playing on a PC.



PlayersUnknown Battleground also known as PUBG, has a huge fanbase and being a free-to-play game makes it one of the best battle royale games in the world, it also has a lite version called PUBG Lite and it’s for PC users with low configurations, you can download PUBG Mobile on your smartphones as well.

In PUBG PC, you’ll experience realistic gameplay due to its high-end demanding graphics, there are different game modes you can play and it’s a game where 100 players have to battle for survival on an unknown map.

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Battle Royale Games for PC

Popularly known as CS: GO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the oldest online multiplayer games in the world and it’s a game that features first-person shooter gameplay, this game is filled with amazing features and different game modes. With constant updates being made on CS: GO, you’ll get to experience new maps, new characters and so on.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is quite addictive and it has great online matchmaking, you can join groups and team up with different players online and game modes like Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman and Wingman make it a recommended battle royale game to play.

7. Z1 Battle Royale

Z1 Battle Royale

Z1 Battle Royale is a competitive online multiplayer game that offers intense battle royale gameplay, this game features fast-paced gameplay with action and arcade gameplay attributes, it has nice graphics and there are different game modes like Solo, Duo, Squad or 5-player Mode.

You can also carry out character customization on Z1 Battle Royale and there are different maps you can play as well. This battle royale game is one of the best out there and you can play it on your PC for free.

8. Battle Hero

Battle Hero PC

Buy characters, fight, trade your characters and increase your inventory value. With 5 maps and over 6 game modes, Battle Hero is one exciting game that allows you to gain BATH in any game method. You trade characters in exchange for BATH. There are 20 heroes and 20 weapons and you get to choose weapons for each hero. Battle Hero is built on the smart chain which makes it easier to perform transactions.


These are the best battle royale games you can play on your Windows and Mac PC, these games are very addictive and they all have nice graphics. You only need to make sure your PC runs on high configurations and if not, you might want to use Game Booster Software for your PC.

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