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Best AI Image Generator Websites to Use (Free & Paid) in 2023

Are you searching for services to create text-to-art images online? Here's our list of the best AI image generator websites you can use.

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We are living in an age where things get better and simpler as time goes by. Science and technology have improved in every area that man has laid his hands on, especially art. Yes, art! Now we have come to a point where you don’t need to use a pencil or a drawing brush to draw or produce an image. Even better, we have finally come to the threshold where just by saying or writing what you want, you can draw an image. This is where AI image generator websites come into the limelight.

AI image generator simply means Artificial Intelligence image generator. It is used to create text-to-art images. That is, by writing down the kind of image you want to construct, the AI image generator automatically projects some images that closely resemble what you want even if those images are unrealistic. It basically turns unrealistic thoughts into realistic images. For example, you can create an unrealistic thought into a meaningful image by writing “a monkey floating in space.”

With the help of a good AI image generator, you can create beautiful images for fun, for your blog or website in a matter of seconds or a few minutes. In this article on Naijaknowhow, I’ve written on some of the best AI image generator websites that you can use to create incredible text-to-art images.

List of the Best Image Generator Websites to Use (Free and Paid)

1. Nightcafe — www.creator.nightcafe.studio

AI Image Generator

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Nightcafe is among the most popular AI image generators, and when you check it out, you are likely to discover that it has more features than other image generators. Many digital artists like this AI image-generating website over these AI image-generator applications, which other people prefer to utilise. One good thing about Nightcafe is that it is easy to use. Also, it has a free trial version which you can use for free without signing up or using your credit card details.

Just like other image generators, every image you produce with Nightcafe is something no one has ever seen before. Nightcafe also has a credit system for making images. It simply means that the number of images you produce depends on the number of credits that you have. You can obtain credits by taking part in the Nightcafe community or simply by purchasing.

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Other features of Nightcafe include that you can obtain full ownership of the image you produce, you can purchase a print version of your image, and you can share, enhance and duplicate the images you create with Nightcafe. And there are also video generation tools.

2. Jasper Art — www.jasper.ai

Jasper Art

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We can safely say that Jasper Art is the best all-in-one AI image generator. And it currently is using the latest developments in AI image generating. It is easy to use but you will have to sign up first and pay before you start creating images.

With Jasper Art, you can explore multiple art styles and choose the one that best suits your taste. You can create cartoon-style images or even photo-realistic images, or images using other art styles available.

You can use Jasper to create a hundred percent original images by just writing simple texts, and it also supports other languages apart from English, which means that you can create images in other languages too. Jasper also offers an AI writing assistant which you can use to write social media posts, blog posts, etc.

3. Photosonic — www.photosonic.writesonic.com


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There are two ways to use Photosonic. One is to use text to create the image you want. The other is to convert an existing image into an AI image. In Photosonic you will find some of the best art styles for creating images. You can create photorealistic images or cartoon-style images, whichever you like. And as already stated, you can convert an image into a painting.

Photosonic is easy to use but you have to sign up to use it. However, there is a free trial version which means that you don’t have to pay before trying it out.

4. DALL-E 2 — www.openai.com

AI Image Generator

Through meticulous observation, it has been deduced that DALL-E 2 is the best AI image generator website for generating photorealistic images. According to OpenAI, DALL-E 2 can be used to create illustrations and design products. And you don’t need any particular artistic skill or background to use it.

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DALL-E 2 has an important paintbrush feature with which you can highlight a portion of an image and use text to make a change to the picture, which means it’s useful for image-to-image generation. DALL-E 2 can also produce multiple versions of a generated image. You have to sign up to use DALL-E 2, and there is also a free trial.

5. Midjourney — www.midjourney.com


Midjourney is a popular AI image generator but it is not generally available. To use it, you need to join the waiting list by clicking “Join beta version” on the website. When you get accepted, you will receive an invitation to a Discord server through which you can then begin to use Midjourney. To create an image, you must join one of the rooms that begin with ‘newbies.’ Then you need to send a message that starts with /imagine together with your text indicating what kind of image you want to create.

When it comes to quality, Midjourney is the best for creating photorealistic images. So we can say that Midjourney is the best for quality AI images. The quality of Midjourney images is really extraordinary. It is able to create images that are comparable to artworks made by artists.

There is a free trial version for everyone to use. And using a small text input, you can create an image in the demo version which is easy to use.


With an AI image generator site, creating wonderful and beautiful images becomes much easier, and you really do not need to have any artistic background at all. In simple terms, it is drawing made easier using just texts to generate images. The above are just some of the best AI image generators. I promise you will not be disappointed as you check them out. Meanwhile, before you go, do check our list of the best AI image upscaler websites to enhance photo quality.

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