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Best Night Light Apps for Android Devices in 2023

Here are some of the best night light apps that offer soothing ambiance and mesmerizing visuals to illuminate your nights with style!

In this digital world we live in, even our nights have gone high-tech. Night light apps have become a popular way to add some soothing vibes and beat the darkness after sunset. Whether you want a soft glow to help you doze off, a guiding light to find your way around, or a mesmerizing visual experience, these apps have got you covered.

These applications offer a variety of incredible features to create the perfect atmosphere. You can choose from a gazillion colors, intensities, and effects to match your mood and surroundings. Whether you fancy a warm, candle-like glow or a vibrant, pulsating display, these apps give you endless options to play with.

With a simple tap on your device, you can adjust the brightness and color of your virtual night light without any hassle. No more fumbling for switches or dealing with cords. Here on Naijaknowhow, we’ll explore some of the best night light apps that you can download and use on your Android device. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

List of the Best Night Light Apps for Android Devices

Let’s dive into the world of night light apps and check out the best ones to light up your nights with comfort and style. These applications are available for download on the Google Play Store. They’re also free to use, so keep reading to know more!

1. Night Owl

Night Owl

Night Owl is an amazing Android application designed to enhance your smartphone experience while also prioritizing the health of your eyes. With its impressive screen dimmer feature, this app ensures that your device’s backlight is adjusted to the optimal level, preventing excessive strain on your eyes.

In addition to the blue light filter, Night Owl also provides an advanced color filter. This feature allows you to customize the color settings of your screen, catering to your individual preferences and needs. By adjusting the colors to your liking, the app ensures that your eyes are comfortable and relaxed, even during extended periods of device usage.

Night Owl understands the importance of managing screen time, and therefore, it incorporates a helpful timer feature. This timer allows you to set specific durations for device usage, prompting you to take breaks at regular intervals. By doing so, this app encourages healthier habits, reminding you to give your eyes the necessary rest they deserve.

Night Owl -Dimmer & Night Mode
Night Owl -Dimmer & Night Mode
Developer: evezzon
Price: Free

2. Twilight

Twilight - Night Light Apps

Twilight is an application that truly cares about the well-being of its users’ eyes. By presenting a soothing blue light, it effectively prevents any harmful effects on the eyes that can arise from excessive exposure to bright screens. The app’s design includes a visually appealing red interface upon launching, creating a delightful user experience right from the start.

Twilight is specifically tailored for Android devices, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance for a wide range of smartphones and tablets. It can synchronize with the device’s brightness settings. By doing so, it keeps the brightness level low, thus relieving any strain on the user’s eyes and promoting a more comfortable viewing experience.

This dynamic adjustment feature truly sets the app apart, as it places control directly in the hands of the user, allowing them to customize and fine-tune their brightness preferences according to their individual needs and lighting conditions. Twilight app is considered one of the best night light apps for Android devices.

3. CF.lumen


CF.lumen offers users complete control over the brightness settings of their device. With its smart and intuitive features, this app ensures that the screen brightness adjusts automatically based on the time of day, providing an optimal viewing experience. It also provides a sensor control option, allowing users to fine-tune the color settings of their screen.

This impressive functionality enables users to personalize their device’s display and enhance their overall viewing comfort. CF.lumen has a light sensor, which detects ambient lighting conditions and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. This ensures that users are not greeted with overly bright or dim screens, optimizing visibility and preventing eye strain.

By automatically adapting to the surrounding environment, CF.lumen provides a seamless and comfortable viewing experience throughout the day, whether it’s under bright sunlight or in a dimly lit room. The app also offers users the ability to adjust the color of their device’s screen to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Developer: Chainfire
Price: Free

4. Bluelight Filter – Night Mode

Bluelight Filter - Night Light Apps

Bluelight Filter is designed to prioritize the well-being of its users’ eyesight. It offers features that effectively mitigate the harmful effects of blue light emitted by screens. The core functionality revolves around reducing the impact of blue light and providing a soothing dim light experience, easily accessible through the application’s user-friendly settings menu.

This app has five distinct filters, each tailored to cater to different preferences and lighting conditions. With the color of the night light being customizable, users can effortlessly adapt their visual experience to their specific needs. This makes it one of the best night light apps to use on your Android smartphone.

The app’s one-button control feature exemplifies its commitment to simplicity and user-friendliness. Users can effortlessly toggle the filter on or off, adjust settings, and access additional functionalities without any hassle. The app present all controls and information in an intuitive and accessible manner, empowering users to take control of their eye health.

Bluelight Filter - Night Mode
Bluelight Filter - Night Mode

5. Night Screen

Night Screen

Night Screen is an app that aims to enhance user experience and alleviate eye strain during nighttime usage. Its primary function revolves around providing a dimmer, more soothing light that significantly reduces the brightness of the screen. This app strives to offer better readability and increased usability for users, even in low-light environments.

It comes with a plethora of controls, ensuring a highly customizable experience tailored to user preferences. One of its key features is the night filter, which enables users to adjust the screen’s color temperature, making it more comfortable for their eyes and reducing the harshness of bright light during evening hours.

Additionally, the application grants users full control over the brightness of their device’s screen, allowing them to fine-tune it according to their specific needs and environment. Understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm, Night Screen introduces a diurnal filter that adjusts the screen’s light based on the time of day.

Night screen
Night screen
Developer: Arrows app
Price: Free


Night light apps are here to revolutionize how we illuminate our nights. They offer convenience, customization, and a whole lot of cool features. From adjustable brightness and colors to timers and soothing sounds, these apps put you in control of your lighting experience. So, go explore the awesome world of night light applications and create a magical ambiance.

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