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7 Best Games Like GTA Vice City for PC in 2022

Are you looking for the best PC games like GTA Vice City? Here's a list of the best games like GTA Vice City for Windows and Mac PC.

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The best games like GTA vice city for PC are open-world games that you can download and play on your Windows or macOS PC. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the best games out there and while this game features Action, Adventure gameplay, it’s one of the best GTA games out there.

Well GTA Vice City is old and outdated and while the game still rocks in some countries, there are similar games like GTA Vice City that you can download and play on your PC.

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll get to see a list of the best games like GTA Vice City. These games offer a similar type of gameplay to Vice City and they all have cool features and different styles of play.

List of The Best Games Like GTA Vice City for PC

If you’d consider playing some games that are relatively like GTA Vice City in terms of graphics, gameplay and plot, the games listed below are the best you can download and play on your PC.

1. Mafia II

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games like GTA vice city

The look and feel of this game closely resemble the GTA Vice City series in many ways and stands as one of the 8 Best games. From the game mission, open space environment and the car accessibility features, you would want to try this out.

The game is also compatible with older OS like windows XP, windows 7, Vista etc. and only requires a few system requirements like a RAM capacity of 1.5GB, Pentium D 3Gzh CPU and a good sound card.

2. The Godfather 2

The Godfather 2

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Set in 90s America, this game stands at number two among the 8 Best games like GTA Vice City because of its action, GTA Vice City is heavily packed with a lot of head-spinning missions and adventure-like settings. It is certainly one you should try out.

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The game system requirements range from a CPU of 2.8GZ or more to a total video RAM of 256MB and a good sound card with a free disk space of 9 Gb and finally a very good graphics card.

3. Sleeping Dogs

games like GTA vice city

Not only is this game an addiction, but like the GTA Vice City game it presents you with a lot of twists and mission variations, now add the martial art feel of this game to the mix and you would get a bomber.

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Set In Japan, the story tells of a police officer caught between justice and prejudice Where he has to uncover a gang’s secret while at the same time acting as them to avoid being spotted. The martial act feel and violent scene adds to why the game passes as one of the best game like the GTA Vice City

To enjoy this game, you need a core processor 2 dual 2.4Gz and a memory of 2GB, a hard disk space of 15GB at least a Windows 7(64bit), and an NVIDIA or AMD ATI Card.

4. The Saboteur

The Saboteur

At first glance, the game looks nothing like what you would expect in a GTA Vice City game, but the open-world environment and stealth feature common in GTA Vice City makes this among the list of best games.

The warlike adventure game with a deep soundtrack and colourful setting can be played on a PC with a core 2 dual core 2.4Gz processor or an AMD substitute. It also works well on Windows 7, 8 and 10 OS.

5. Saint Row 3

games like GTA vice city

If you’ve ever played the previous series of the game, knowing why this new version matches the GTA Vice City series is ranked as one of the 8 Best would be easy to decipher. This game contains thrilling actions and a wonderful game mission that matches exactly the kind you would find in the GTA Vice City series.

The stealth and zombie-inclusive features augment many ways the GTA Vice City game and are seen to be amongst the 8 Best games like the GTA, the visuals and sound effects resemble the same feeling you get playing GTA Vice City.

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The system requirements are a processor of about 2Gz dual-core, a memory of 2Gb system, a hard drive of 10Gb free space, a Graphics processing unit of 320MB video RAM, and a Direct x 9.0 compliant sound card to play.

6. Bully


This rockstar game is an adventure action game that like the GTA Vice City series explores the theme of domination but rather in a school setting.

Like GTA Vice City, this game includes side missions that could be played aside from the main game not also forgetting, the rewards earned from these side missions can be used to make game purchases.

The PC requirements for this game are quite minimal: an Intel Premium 4(3+GHz) playable on a Windows XP, Windows Vista and a memory storage of 4.7Gb.

7. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Made by the same company as the GTA Vice City game, this game ranks as the best game like GTA Vice City because of the open world environment as well the style of engagement- action-packed and brilliant visual.

The adventure-like mission of the games also leans toward what the GTA Vice City style of mobility has, where you get to use a vehicle freely. An Intel core i5-200k/AMD Fx-6300 processor, a RAM of 8Gb and a Windows 7 OS or more system compatibility to play the game.


The above games are just a few of the best games like GTA Vice City for PC. There are still games that are similar to GTA Vice City, but the ones listed here are the best you can play on your PC, they all require low-spec configuration and can be played on a 4GB RAM PC.

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