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Best Games Like GTA San Andreas for PC in 2022

This article contains a list of PC games that are similar to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of gameplay and graphics.

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The best games like GTA San Andreas for PC are games that are quite similar to GTA San Andreas and can be downloaded and played. If you’ve been searching for games like that, you’ll find the best that are listed in this article.

If you have been following the GTA series and perchance played all of the GTA Games out there, you’ll realize that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the best games ever to be developed by Rockstar, and while this game is quite addictive, there are other games like it that you can download and play on your PC.

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve handpicked some of the best games like GTA San Andreas.

List of The Best Games Like GTA San Andreas for PC

These games are action stacked and they all offer similar features to GTA San Andreas. This list contains the best open world games, best action games and lots more.

1. Yakuza 0

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games like GTA San Andreas

In terms of good game control, tough mission and violence akin to the GTA San Andreas, Yakuza 0 features as the number one substitute. The Yakuza 0 happens to be the flag off to the many different series of the Yakuza games and has gained a lot of attention from critics but nevertheless, it’s a game worth playing.

The action Adventure game sees two characters who are the protagonist trying to clear their names from a gang dispute or risk being hunted down. Set in Japan, the game contains a lot of interesting features like the graphics, side missions and weaponry almost like GTA San Andreas and hence makes it a pass for one of the best games like GTA San Andreas.

2. Prototype 2

Prototype 2 PC

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As an improvement to the previous version of the game, this improved game builds on the storyline of Prototype 1 and offers exciting features that in many ways have made it appear as a suitable game like San Andreas.

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Prototype 2 offers an open-world environment and third-person gameplay, coupled with the surround and exhilarating sound effects blended with the auxiliary mission depicting the GTA San Andreas setting and hence making it one of the best games like GTA San Andreas for PC.

3. Max Payne

Max Payne PC

Like the plot of the GTA San Andreas, where the main character gets out of jail to discover that his mother was killed and seeks revenge, Max Payne’s storyline takes a similar twist and that and many more make it in third place as the best game like the GTA San Andreas for PC.

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Save for the storyline similarities, the weaponry and massive engagement of the open-world environment make this game a finger-scratching one to try out in place of the GTA San Andreas. Max Payne features different series, you can download from Max Payne 1, 2 and 3.

4. Just Cause

games like GTA San Andreas

Played on a core 2 duo 2.4GHz processor and hard disk space of 15Gb, Just Cause not only describe a different but similar version of the GTA San Andreas but in its right is a game to try out.

With the wide array of vehicle options, and the scenic open world environment containing mountains, seas and air visuals where also the character gets to transverse in any of those spheres, Just Cause is one game you should not sleep on if you are a lover of the GTA San Andreas game.

5. Far Cry

games like GTA San Andreas

As an action Adventure that is set in the  African continent, one would naturally not expect that this game would pass as a complement to the GTA San Andreas in terms of best games, well it does.

When you think of the GTA San Andreas game graphics and placed them side by side with the Far Cry game graphics, you would see a striking semblance even though the settings are different, also when you compare the smooth game transition, mission and the quality of the sound effects, then the doubt you once had about the game passing as a substitute as the best game for the GTA San Andreas would be erased.

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6. Assassin Creed Valhalla

Assassin Creed Valhalla PC

Debuted in 2020, the Assassin Creed game series seem to borrow a leaf from the GTA San Andreas in the production of its Valhalla series in terms of its game transition, role play and open-world environment.

The synopsis of the game centres around two opposing groups seeking the same mission, Peace and Liberty. While the Assassin seeks it through free will, the Templars want it through control. The fast pace nature of the game and the action-packed mission coincide with the GTA San Andreas hence making it the sixth-best game.

7. Mad Max

Mad Max PC

Tired of regular games that only entail the natural, do you want to try a game that involves an adventure and what life would be like in the apocalypse? Mad Max has got you covered.

The game tells the story of a hero Max who after an apocalyptic world is poised to recover a very valuable device of his while taking down beasts and strange creatures. Like GTA San Andreas, this game takes on an urban feel as its settings and makes use of various weapons and provides options for vehicles option, the reason it stands out as the best game like GTA San Andreas.


It can be tough finding a game that matches the high intensity of a game you have long cherished, or worse still a game like GTA San Andreas. If ever you are looking for a game that would gladly sit in the place of GTA San Andreas, then the games listed in this article are a good choice for you to play.

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