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Best Medium Alternatives To Read and Publish Contents on (2023)

Are you looking for websites like medium to read and publish content on? Here's a list of the Best Medium Alternatives to read and publish content online and get paid.

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Medium is one of the most popular websites for content writers and publishers, and while it’s mostly dominated by bloggers, people who are not bloggers can still visit Medium and read articles on different topics.

Writers who publish on Medium can always monetize their content as Medium has a partner program that allows content writers and bloggers to get paid for their work. While Medium is quite popular and also good, there are other similar websites that you can use for reading and publishing as well. We’ve compiled a list of the Best Medium Alternatives in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow.

There might be different reasons why you’d want to try a different website aside from Medium, while the inability to get enough audience might be the reason for you as a blogger, others might use a website different from Medium because they can’t find the contents they want.

List of The Best Medium Alternatives to Read and Publish

The following websites are similar to Medium and while they’re considered an alternative, they’re not better than Medium and vice versa. But if you don’t fancy what can be done on Medium or can’t find the news you want to read, then you can use any of the Best Medium Alternatives that we’ve listed here, so now let’s check the similar sites like Medium out there.

1. Quora (Best Medium Alternatives)

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Best Medium Alternatives

The first website we will consider as one of the few similar websites like Medium is Quora. Yes, Quora is a Medium alternative, and while Quora is a social question-and-answer website, you can still read and publish on Quora. Even if you’re not a registered user on Quora, you can always access the website and read any topics you want, Quora is one of the most popular websites out there and it has over 400 Million active users.

Content writers and bloggers can always monetize on Quora via Quora Space. Quora is quite sensitive when it comes to bloggers adding links and that’s due to their spam controls, but if you own a Quora space, you can always add links to your posts on Quora. There are plenty of quality topics you can read on Quora and that’s why it’s one of the Best Medium Alternatives.

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2. HubPages

Best Medium Alternatives

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HubPages is another website you should keep note of, it’s been around for quite some time now and it’s one of the most popular online publishing platforms in the world. You can be a writer on HubPages by creating an account and creating content. HubPages also pays writers for publishing content on HubPages. You can write content under different categories and your articles will be shown with Ads and amazon banners appearing within your content.

HubPages is very popular and it’s a good source for publishing articles, everything you’ll do on the website is completely free and it’s quite similar to Medium. Payments on articles on HubPages are judged by the number of views on your articles, the higher your views, the higher your earnings would read.

3. Vocal Media

Vocal Media

If you love writing and you’ll like to connect with different audiences via your articles, Vocal Media is one of the best places you can achieve that without hassles. Vocal Media is one of the best websites out there for reading and publishing stories, and one of the best things about Vocal Media is that they pay people for sharing stories and getting views on the Vocal Media Platform.

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If you want to read stories about movies, music and even sports, you’ll find them all on Vocal Media. This website is one of the Best Medium Alternatives and it’s very easy to sign up on Vocal Media, once your account has been created, you can begin creating stories that’ll connect with potential audiences.

4. Steemit


Steemit is another popular website and it’s home to different bloggers in the world. This website is quite different from Medium but if you’re looking for a website that has similar features to Medium, then you’ll want to look forward to giving Steemit a trial. On Steemit, bloggers can create content and get paid in cryptocurrency, there’s no doubt that you can make a fortune on Steemit by just publishing articles on it.

Steemit also has a large community where writers and publishers can always ask questions and create solutions together, you can read news on different topics on Steemit. It’s an amazing website and one of the best publishing platforms out there.

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5. Newsbreak


Newsbreak is one of the most popular news publishing websites and it’s been around since 2001. This website is perfect for creating news that matters, you can contribute on the Newsbreak platform and it pays users for their hard work and contribution. Even if you just want to read news on Newsbreak, you’ll find local & breaking news in different categories like Politics, Economy, Technology, Health and so on. On Newsbreak, there are sections for Contributors, Publishers and Advertisers.

Newsbreak is a nice platform where you can read and publish your content online, it’s also good for making money and that’s why it’s one of the Best Medium Alternatives out there. You can give it a try and I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

6. Ghost


Ghost is an open-source Medium alternative and I’ll say it’s a platform that is developed and dedicated to bloggers only. If you’re a blogger and you want to have articles written and published somewhere else aside from your personal blog, you can always use Ghost as your preferred place to publish content online.

Ghost is home to not just bloggers, content creators like Youtube can also use Ghost, it’s a very good website for reading and publishing online. It’s one of the Best Medium Alternatives and it has great features, you can also design your personal blog page on Ghost via its wide collections of themes.

7. WordPress

Best Medium Alternatives

The last Medium alternative on the list is WordPress. WordPress is very popular and you’ll find most websites hosted on WordPress. While it’s a platform for blog and website creation, you can also make WordPress your personal platform for reading and creating content online. You can create your own blog on WordPress and you can build audiences from different sources to read your published articles.

Conclusion (Best Medium Alternatives)

With the Best Medium Alternatives that we’ve highlighted for you in this article, I hope you’re able to pick one and give it a try. There’s no doubt about the awesomeness of Medium but these Medium alternatives aren’t bad as well, your comments will be appreciated.

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