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7 Best Websites Like Amazon (Alternatives) in 2023

Looking for the best amazon alternatives to shop online? Here's a list of the best websites like Amazon to shop online.

Are you looking for the best websites like Amazon where you can buy quality goods at affordable prices, get free shipping and also explore juicy deals anytime you want to shop? We’ve got you covered with the best Amazon alternatives for shopping online, so let’s get started.

When it comes to shopping online, Amazon is one of the best online shopping sites where you can buy different categories of items ranging from electronics, gadgets, groceries and so on. Despite the fact that Amazon makes shopping easy, there are still some websites like it that you go to for your online shopping experience.

In this topic you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve handpicked the best websites like Amazon for shopping online. So if you’ve been looking for an alternative to shopping on Amazon, you can check the list of recommended online shopping websites below.

List of The Best Websites Like Amazon for Shopping Online

There are not many reasons why you should ditch shopping on Amazon, but if you’ll like to take your shopping experience elsewhere, below are some of the great alternatives to online shopping aside from Amazon.

1. eBay – ebay.com

best websites like amazon

eBay is quite popular just like Amazon and it is arguably one of the best online shopping websites out there, on this website you can shop for any kind of product, and you’ll get juicy prices on eBay and one of the benefits of using eBay is that there is a lot of free shipping, you can buy renewed items, refurbished items and there’s also a marketplace on eBay where you can sell used items online.

Shopping on eBay does get better, you can search for products easily. The website is user-friendly and navigation is very easy on eBay. It is one of the best websites like Amazon where you can shop online.

2. AliExpress – aliexpress.com

best websites like amazon

Learning how to shop on AliExpress might seem to be difficult a bit but if you spend time on it, you’ll realize that it is one of the online shopping websites where you’ll get the best shopping experience. Over the years, AliExpress has been gaining popularity, this website offers different ranges of products and when it comes to pricing, you’ll get juicy deals on AliExpress.

AliExpress is a global online shopping store, you’ll get low prices on most products, and there’s also a free $5 gift that’ll be given to you as a new customer. Shopping on AliExpress does feel good, it is one of the best websites out there for shopping online.

3. Walmart – walmart.com



Walmart is also very popular, it is one of the big competitors of Amazon and if you’re looking for one of the largest online stores to shop online, Walmart is one of them, one thing about Walmart is that you can buy almost anything, from electronics to grocery items, clothes and so on, you’ll find them all on Walmart.

Walmart offers free shipping, so you can have your good delivered to you swiftly, there’s also a physical store where you can do pickup shopping. One of the best websites like Amazon out there is Walmart.

4. Newegg – newegg.com

best websites like amazon

While Amazon is known to be an online store that focuses on different categories of consumer electronics, Newegg on other hand, is a website that is dedicated to shopping for computer hardware and other types of electronics. On Newegg, you can shop for computer parts, there are different parts including motherboards, graphics cards, memories and other computer hardware.

There are also different categories of gadgets on Newegg, most products on Newegg have different prices, all items are sold new, and there’s free shipping when you buy above $100, the website is user-friendly and also easy to navigate.

5. Overstock – overstock.com


If you’re looking to buy items online at discounted prices, Overstock is one of the few websites you can consider trying, this website is quite popular as well and despite not having much popularity or a wide range of products like Amazon, it is still a great alternative to shop online.

On Overstock, you can shop for different products, you’ll get your hand on good discounts on clothes, jewellery, electronics, home and kitchen appliances and so on. Shopping on Overstock isn’t bad, it serves as one of the best Amazon alternatives out there.

6. Target – target.com


One of the reasons why you’ll love to shop at Target is that it offers same-day delivery, you can order any items now and have them delivered to your doorstep before the day runs out. Target offers different types of products, you can shop for items while paying less. Although Target might not be as big as Amazon, if you need discounts on any products, Target is a great option.

Target is very popular, the website can be navigated easily and when it comes to processing shipping, you can either get free shipping or discounts on your delivery. Target offers one of the best online shopping experiences out there.

7. OfferUp – offerup.com


OfferUp offers garage sales and while it may not be a direct online shopping website, it also serves as a great Amazon alternative where you can buy new and old items online. On this website, you’ll find different items that have been listed for sale and all you have to do is contact the seller and let him or her know about your interest.

You can buy different types of products from OfferUp, it is very easy to buy and all you have to do is meet up with the seller and buy from the person. OfferUp can’t be compared to Amazon, but it’s still one of the best websites like Amazon.


In conclusion, there are many websites like Amazon that offer a similar shopping experience, but with their own unique twist. Whether you’re looking for a specialized shopping experience or just want to find the best deals, these websites are definitely worth checking out.

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