How To Block Zenith Bank ATM Card (Missing or Stolen)

Is your ATM card stolen, missing or compromised? Here is a guide to show how to quickly block Zenith bank ATM card (debit or credit card). Learn more!

block zenith atm card

Has your Zenith Master, Visa or Verve card been stolen or misplaced by you? Here’s a guide on the fastest and easiest way to block your Zenith ATM card without stepping into a banking hall.

If your debit or credit card ever gets robbed, your first thought should to block the card and protect it from unauthorized usage. There are certain steps you must follow right away before you demand a replacement. These steps should prevent unwanted card usage from unauthorised persons to avoid losing your hard-earned cash.

Why you should deactivate your Zenith card

Aside from being stolen or missing, here are other reasons why you should deactivate your Zenith bank credit, debit or prepaid card instantly.

  • It gets stolen.
  • It gets stuck in an ATM.
  • You suspect it has been exposed to third parties.
  • You enter your card details on a phishing website.
  • You become aware of any unauthorised account debit beside your regular bank charges.

With Zenith bank, you can conveniently request to block any of your stolen or misplaced cards (Master, Visa or Verve) through different methods which I’m going to enlist below.

Without further ado, let’s get right underway!

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How To Disable / Block Zenith Bank ATM Card If Missing or Stolen

Method 1: Block Zenith ATM using USSD code

This is the fastest way to block your Zenith bank card. It’s easy because it only requires a few steps through the use of USSD code.

To block your Zenith bank ATM card, here is the step to follow.

  • Dial *966*60# and select option 6.

Block Zenith bank account

Furthermore, you should quickly follow up by blocking your Zenith account to temporarily suspend all financial activities. See code below;

To stop all debit transactions from your account…

  • Simply dial; *966*911# from any mobile phone.
  • Enter your account number then enter your AlertZ mobile number.
  • Press “1” to continue and instantly block your account.

To unblock your account, simply visit any Zenith Bank branch.

What if you’re not registered to the USSD banking? Then opt for the Zenith bank customer support mediums provided below.

Method 2: How to block Zenith ATM via phone call/social media?

In case you misplaced or lost your Zenith ATM card (Verve, Visa or Master card), here are all Zenith’s contact details to apply for blocking of lost ATM card;

You will find social media accounts, telephone numbers, email address and website below;

Telephone numbers

  • 0700-ZENITH-BANK
  • ZenithDirect: 234(1) 4647000, 2787000, 2927000 or 0700-ATM-ZENITH,
  • ATM Unit: 0700-286-936484 or 0700-CARD-ZENITH (Highly recommended)
  • CARD Unit: 0700-2273-936484, Fax: 234(1) 2618212

Official social media pages

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: (Highly recommended)
  • Instagram:



zenith bank website support

You can also use instant message support on their website but not the best option.


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