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Can’t Download Apps on Play Store? Here’s the Solution!

Are you currently experiencing the "can't download apps from Play Store" or "downloads pending on the Play Store" problem? Here are the solutions you need to check out.

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There are several problems that can occur in the Play Store. For example, “can’t download apps from Play Store” or “downloads pending on the Play Store”. Of course, this problem can be overcome.

Apart from being unable to download on the Play Store, a common obstacle occurs, such as not being able to open the Play Store application. You also can’t download music, movies, TV shows or other content.

Here are the solutions why our smartphones can’t download apps on Google Play Store:

1. Internet connection

The first step in overcoming problems in the Play Store is by ensuring a strong internet connection. Could be that “can’t download apps from Play Store” error is caused by weak connection.

If you want a stronger connection, try connecting your cellphone to a Wi-fi network and try downloading the application in the Play Store again.

2. Clear Play Store Cache & Data

clear play store data and cache

Why can’t I download it on the Play Store when the memory is empty? Don’t panic first, you can try by clearing the cache and data in the Play Store the easy way.

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First, open the application in settings. Then select ‘Applications & Notifications’ and click ‘View all applications’. Next, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Google Play Store’.

Select ‘Storage’ and ‘Clear Cache’. Then, click ‘Delete data’. After that, try going back to the Play Store and download the application again.

3. Restart

power off and restart button

The last solution from not being able to download on the Play Store is by restarting the smartphone. This method is easy, it works by simply pressing the power button until the menu appears and click ‘turn off or reload’.

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If there is no choice, you can press the power button until the power turns off and back on.

Good luck!

More on how-to tips:

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