Best File Manager Apps For Rooted Android (2020)

Take full control of managing files on your rooted android device, in this article, you'll find the best file manager apps for rooted android device.

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I wrote an article earlier on about ES File Explorer Alternatives, well here is a similar article but this article is about the best file manager apps for rooted Android devices.

If you had recently rooted your android device or you’re using a rooted android device, this article will interest you a lot.

There are tons of file managers out there on Google Play Store, some of these file managers are for both rooted and nonrooted Android device, but the big difference is those file managers that are developed for rooted Android users have more features compared to the ones for nonrooted users.

Well if you need good file managers for your rooted Android device, I have listed some good file manager apps here for rooted Android device, these file managers have cool features and they can only be best enjoyed on a rooted Android device.

Best File Manager Apps For Rooted Android Device

1. File Explorer Root Browser

File Explorer Root Browser

If you’re a rooted Android device users, this is one of the best file explorer app you should use on your device, File Explorer Root Browser has a lot to offer in terms of features, it doesn’t just work cause its for rooted devices, it has some addon features that just make the app so lovely to use.

This file explorer app also serves as an editor to SQLite, you can use it to analyze APK files, you can use it to view and edit any type of files. It’s just a wonderful app to use, its one of the best file managers for rooted Android devices.

File Explorer Root Browser
File Explorer Root Browser
Developer: JRummy Apps
Price: Free+

2. X-plore File Manager

X-Plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager is another root file manager app that works perfectly on rooted Android devices and I couldn’t think of a good app other than this one. With your android device being rooted, there are quite some good benefits of it, and using a file manager app like X-plore makes perfect sense cause you’ll be able to do more with it.

X-plore has some features like USB OTG, allowing you to use flash drives with your Android device, In-built PDF viewer, music player and many more, if you’re looking for a good root file manager app for your android device, well this is a good one to give a try on.

X-plore File Manager
X-plore File Manager
Developer: Lonely Cat Games
Price: Free+

3. Root Explorer

Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a paid file manager app for rooted Android device, it has many features you’ll need from a root explorer, with this root file explorer app you can do things like viewing SQLite database, edit texts, create and extract file extensions like zip or tar/gzip files, also send files through emails and Bluetooth. Root Explorer is one of the best file managers for rooted Android devices.

Even after purchasing this app and you don’t seem to like it, your money will be refunded but I’m sure after using it for the first time, you’ll have no reason to request a refund, you can always trust Root Explorer to deliver.

Root Explorer
Root Explorer
Developer: Speed Software
Price: $3.99

4. Root Power Ex File Explorer

Root Power Ex File Explorer

With over 2 million installs on Root Power, you can trust this app to deliver as the perfect root file manager you need, this app has got some positive reviews and nice ratings on Google Play Store, there are similar features you’ll find on it but it just offers something different and who knows, what it offers might be what you need.

Root Power also works as a root checker, you can check your device root status with it, it allows you to find and delete duplicate files (premium) you can also set your CPU for overclocking and underclocking (premium). This is one of the best file managers for rooted Android devices.

Root Explorer Pro
Root Explorer Pro
Developer: KShark Apps
Price: Free+

5. Ultra Explorer

Ultra Explorer

Ultra Explorer works more than just a root file manager at times, and what it does is quite amazing compared to other file managers I’ve known. This app is featured on XDA Developer site, Ultra Explorer is a free app to use but also has paid features you can enjoy once you pay, and it’s premium plan is cheap and comes with a discount.

With Ultra Root, you can take control of your device CPU, you can freeze apps for long period, it also comes with build prop editor and also supports otg. There are tons of features you’ll find on the particular app, it’s one of the file managers for rooted android devices, you can always trust it to deliver.

Ultra Explorer [Root Browser]
Ultra Explorer [Root Browser]

6. Oreo EX File Manager

Oreo Ex File Manager

Oreo Ex is a very light root file manager for rooted android device, just like the ones listed above it, it has similar features but different in one or two areas. This app has a good rating and good user reviews. Oreo Ex supports over 26 different languages and also comes with two file manager panels.

With this file manager, you can change any app permission and ownership, send files through email, edit any type of files and also execute script files. This is one of the best root file managers out there for Android users.


If you’re looking for a good file manager for your rooted Android device, with the ones I’ve provided in this article I’m sure you’ll pick one as your favourite. These apps have features that make a complete root file manager, they’re a joy to use.

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