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7 Best Free Microsoft Planner Alternatives for PC (2023)

Looking for the best free Microsoft Planner alternatives for PC? Here's a list of the best free Microsoft Planner alternatives you can use.

Are you looking for the best free Microsoft alternatives for PC? If yes, then here’s an article that’ll interest you perfectly. Microsoft Planner is a very popular tool on the internet and as a project manager, you’ll know it’s worth it. There are many benefits to using Microsoft Planner aside from the fact that it allows access to other Microsoft products.

As we all know that in today’s world, effective project management tools play a crucial role in maximizing productivity and keeping teams organized. One of the known tools that has made planning a lot easier is Microsoft Planner. Just as we have MS Visio Alternatives and Microsoft Office Alternatives, MS Planner does have its own alternatives and you’ll discover them here. For sure, there are a lot of downsides to using Microsoft Planner and one of them is the pricing plan.

The good news is that there are affordable options, cloud-based and even enriched with better features. Therefore, we’ve decided to handpick the best free Microsoft Planner alternatives for PC here at NaijaKnowHow. So if you’ve always found it hard to use Microsoft Planner and you want something different. This article will give you all the insights you need on picking the best options ahead of Microsoft Planner.

List of The Best Free Microsoft Planner Alternatives for PC

While Microsoft Planner is a popular task management and team collaboration platform, it is not for everyone. But there are other free and open-source alternatives to Microsoft Planner. If you want to know them, you can check them from the list of options below. They all have cool features and are also very easy to use as a starter.

1. Focalboard

Free Microsoft Planner Alternatives

One of the best Free Microsoft Planner Alternatives is Focalboard and there are a lot of reasons why you’d prefer it. When comparing Focalboard and MS Planner, several key factors come into play. Focalboard boasts a clean and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both individuals and teams to navigate and utilize its features. The user experience is designed to be intuitive, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring swift adoption. On the other hand, Microsoft Planner, although user-friendly, may feel less intuitive and lacks certain customization options. Plus the fact that Focalboard is free and open source, makes everything a lot easier for users on a low budget.

Focalboard is enriched with a lot of features. It is one of the best open-source tools you’ll find online. Focalboard presents itself as a better alternative to MS Planner for managing tasks, organizing projects, and boosting collaboration among team members. One of the standout features of Focalboard is its high degree of customization. Users can tailor the boards, columns, and cards according to their specific requirements. Custom fields can be added to capture additional information, and automation rules can be set up to automate repetitive tasks. All these have made Focalboard a great choice for those looking for an alternative to MS Planner.

2. TaskBoard

Free Microsoft Planner Alternatives

TaskBoard emerges as a compelling alternative to Microsoft Planner, offering a range of features and advantages that can enhance task management processes. Rather than waiting on MS Planner, there are a lot of features TaskBoard offers and more advantages. Using TaskBoard is more like pitching your hand on one of the best PowerPoint alternatives for presentations. TaskBoard fosters collaboration by providing a shared workspace where team members can communicate, share files, and track progress in real-time. The platform allows for easy assignment of tasks, facilitating accountability and transparency within the team. With TaskBoard, teams can collaborate seamlessly, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined workflows.

When it comes to user interface and ease of use, TaskBoard makes the job easier compared to Microsoft Planner. The intuitive design ensures a smooth learning curve, allowing teams to adopt the platform quickly. For task management capabilities, TaskBoard doesn’t lack behind as well and it offers a wide task management function. The platform offers features like task assignment, progress tracking, labels, and due dates, allowing teams to stay on top of their work and deadlines. While MS Planner offers similar functionalities.

3. Taiga

Free Microsoft Planner Alternatives

Taiga is an innovative project management tool designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. Taiga’s open-source nature sets it apart from Microsoft Planner. The open-source community actively contributes to its development, ensuring continuous improvements, bug fixes, and security updates. This community-driven approach makes Taiga a dynamic and reliable solution that evolves with the changing needs of project managers and teams. Taiga provides greater flexibility and control over your projects. It empowers you to tailor the tool to your requirements, enhancing your team’s efficiency and project success.

Another significant advantage of Taiga is its integration capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with popular development tools like GitHub, GitLab, and Slack, enabling you to consolidate your workflow and reduce context switching. This integration prowess makes Taiga a powerful hub that brings your project management and development processes together, saving time and boosting productivity. If you’re looking for the best free Microsoft Planner alternatives, Tiaga is a great option.

4. Planka


Planka is another alternative to Microsoft Planner that you might consider using. Planka is a powerful project management and collaboration tool designed to help teams streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. It utilizes the Kanban methodology, which allows users to visualize their tasks and projects on a virtual board. In contrast, Planka provides an intuitive interface and a range of features that make it an ideal choice for teams of all sizes and industries. Planka provides advanced features that go beyond the basic functionalities of Microsoft Planner. From time tracking and reporting to task dependencies and integrations, Planka offers a comprehensive set of tools that cater to the diverse needs of modern teams.

Planka is known for its excellent customer support. Their responsive and knowledgeable team ensures that users receive timely assistance and guidance whenever needed. The support resources, including documentation, tutorials, and a dedicated support portal, contribute to a smooth user experience. Users can create custom fields, set up automation rules, and personalize workflows, ensuring that Planka adapts to their unique requirements.

5. WeKan


In addition to the list of free Microsoft Planner alternatives, WeKan is another project management software to consider. WeKan is based on the popular Kanban methodology and it has a lot of features. With WeKan, users are provided with a simple way to organize tasks, track progress, and collaborate effectively within teams. Built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, WeKan empowers users to manage projects efficiently and adapt to changing requirements effortlessly. Unlike Microsoft Planner, which can sometimes feel cluttered and overwhelming, WeKan provides a streamlined experience that allows you to focus on your tasks and projects effectively.

You can adapt WeKan to suit your specific workflows, naming conventions, and project structures. Whether you need to add new fields, create unique board layouts, or define custom rules, WeKan empowers you to tailor the tool precisely to your team’s requirements. When it comes to customization options, users can create custom fields, add labels, define workflows, and apply filters to align WeKan with their existing processes seamlessly. This flexibility ensures that WeKan adapts to your way of working, rather than the other way around.

6. Asana


Asana is one of the best free Microsoft Planner alternatives, although its free access has some limitations. Choosing Asana over Microsoft Planner offers several advantages. Firstly, Asana’s task management features provide more flexibility and customization options, allowing you to tailor the platform to your specific needs. The ability to create custom fields, templates, and advanced filters gives you greater control and enhances your team’s productivity.

In terms of features and functionality, Asana offers a wider range of capabilities compared to Microsoft Planner. Asana’s task management, project tracking, and collaboration features are more advanced and comprehensive. Asana’s flexibility and scalability make it suitable for both small teams and large enterprises, while Microsoft Planner is better suited for simpler projects and smaller teams.

7. Kanboard


Efficient collaboration is vital for project success, and Kanboard provides the necessary tools to facilitate communication and information sharing. That has made it a great option ahead of MS Planner. While using Kanboard, team members can collaborate on tasks by leaving comments, attaching files, or discussing specific details. Additionally, notifications keep everyone informed about updates, changes, or new assignments, ensuring seamless teamwork and reducing the need for constant status meetings or lengthy email threads.

With Kanboard, you gain access to advanced task-tracking capabilities. You can monitor the progress of each task, track time spent, and generate reports to gain insights into project performance. These features enable better resource allocation, identification of bottlenecks, and optimization of project timelines, ultimately leading to increased productivity and better project outcomes. Kanboard offers a more extensive range of features compared to Microsoft Planner. While both tools provide basic task management functionalities, Kanboard excels with advanced features like custom fields, swimlanes, and API access.


In conclusion, while Microsoft Planner is a popular choice for project management, these top alternatives provide unique features and functionalities that can cater to various project management needs. Since the cost of acquiring Microsoft Planner can sometimes be difficult. But with the free options above, there’s always something to use as a replacement.

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