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Best Free Screen Recorder For PC (Windows & Mac) in 2022

If you want to record videos on your PC without watermarks and limited time to record, here's a list of the best free screen recorder you can use on your Windows and Mac PC.

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Screen recording on PC isn’t a new thing and over the years we’ve seen different screen recording software take the center stage on Windows and Mac, you can record almost anything on your PC thanks to this software for recording on PC.

While screen recording software makes it possible to do things like live-streaming to Facebook and Co, the full functionality we get from this software is always limited because they’re not free and one needs to pay before one can record at least up to 15 mins.

Well, there are different free screen recorders for PC out there and we’ll be listing out the free recorders for PC here on NaijaKnowHow. With this software that we’ll be listing, you won’t be limited to screen recording on your PC, but if you want to enjoy features like video editing, then you might want to upgrade them.

List of the Best Free Screen Recorder For PC (Windows & Mac)

Not to keep your hopes really high, some of this software offers complete free recording and will only require you to make payments if you want to use their editor features, while some are completely free and some will only limit you to the number of minutes you can spend on recording a video.

1. OBS Studio

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Best Free Screen Recorder

When sourcing out a free screen recorder to use on your PC and you haven’t come across OBS Studio, I’ll say you’ve been missing out on this software that is arguably the best free screen recorder you can ever come across. Yes OBS Studio is completely free and you can use it to record any video no matter the duration, it’s open-source and it’s quite a professional screen recorder and not for beginners because its interface is a bit complicated unless you follow a tutorial.

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OBS Studio is a very powerful screen recorder that is available to both Windows and Mac PC users, it’s very perfect for games who want to record their gameplay and also stream them live, it’s also good for making tutorials, OBS Studio is a perfect screen recorder you can use without paying a dime.

2. ScreenRec

Best Free Screen Recorder

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Unlike some screen recorders that’ll let you record your PC screen for free but will always add their watermarks to your videos, while that isn’t much of a bad thing to do, it can be very annoying. But a recorder like ScreenRec is the perfect screen recorder you need on your PC without having to make any payment for an upgrade. It’s completely free and it’s perfect for screen recording and video conferencing.

ScreenRec is completely free, and you can record with it without watermarks, it’s a lightweight screen recorder for Windows and it also allows recording in clear quality and also allows videos to be recorded in different video formats. You can record your voice, and it allows recordings to be done online and offline.

3. FlashBack Express


FlashBack Express is another Windows and it’s arguably one of the best out there, it has two versions which are the Express and the Pro versions, while you’ll need to upgrade to the pro if you want to enjoy features like Full video editing suite, Add text, images, sounds, Apply video effects, Save in all file formats and so on. You can still enjoy some cool features on the Express version and you won’t be asking for more.

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With the FlashBack Express, you’ll be able to record videos for free and no watermarks will be added to your recorded video, the version only supports saving videos in MP4 formats alone, and while the recording limit isn’t clearly specified, you can still record for lengthy minutes on FlashBack Express.

4. Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar

As a Windows PC user, before you’ll go out and try to get a screen recorder for your PC, depending on what you want to use it for. The first free screen recorder you should take note of is the Xbox Game Bar that comes with almost Windows 10 PC. Xbox Game Bar is a screen recorder you’ll see on every windows PC from Windows 8 and above, it’s free and it can be used to take screenshots and a lot more.

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Xbox Game Bar is also good for recording videos on PC, it’s arguably one of the best free screen recorder out there, but it isn’t quite powerful enough for heavy recordings and live streams, but if you want to record normal videos, then you can consider using Xbox Game Bar.

5. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Best Free Screen Recorder

The last free screen recorder on this list is Apowersoft Screen Recorder and it’s arguably the best free recorder out there. This software is completely free and you’re not limited to the duration of screen recording you can have with Apowersoft, it’s a powerful recorder and it supports audio and webcam recordings, it’s very easy to use and its interface is very smooth, you can record videos and also save them to CloudBackup and it offers cool features as well.

With Apowersoft Screen Recorder, you can record videos for free on your PC, it has no watermarks, it has no recording limits and it’s very easy to use. You can use it and record anything you want to record on your PC, it’s one of the best free screen recorder for Windows and Mac Pc.


For recording videos for free on your Windows and Mac PC, the listed software in this article is perfect for you, you can try any of the free screen recorder and they’ll serve you for any purpose you want to use them for.

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