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Google Chrome Extensions Soon in Microsoft Edge

Now that Microsoft Edge is being rebuilt from the ground up in Chromium, users will also have access to Google Chrome extensions. Learn more!

Microsoft has started rebuilding its Edge browser on the Chromium framework, which also includes Google Chrome. In this way, the tech giant wants to contribute to the development of the project and of course users win thanks to the popularity of this platform. Today, Microsoft confirmed that those users will have access to Chrome extensions within Edge.

Huge good news for Edge enthusiasts (if there are any) because it will exponentially increase the number of available extensions. Currently, you can find about 200 extensions for Edge via the Microsoft Store. For Google Chrome, there were 10,000 in 2010, which Google then celebrated with a message on the Chromium blog.

It seems that Microsoft is finally going to have a worthy competitor for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others. The main drawback of their current browser was the lack of extensions and that problem only increased because developers left the browser because of the lack of popularity. A vicious circle.

The new Edge, which we probably can not expect until the end of 2019, should, in theory, have enough functionality to satisfy the average Windows user with Edge as his default browser. If this is the case and if you do not just use Edge to download Chrome, this may cause a shift in market share in favour of Microsoft.

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