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How to Hide Punch-hole on Samsung Galaxy S10

This article shows the step-by-step analysis of how to hide the punch-hole on Samsung Galaxy S10.

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Hiding punch-hole on Samsung Galaxy S10 made easy…

Ever since iPhone X made the notch trend, we’ve seen a lot of smartphone OEMs jumping on the bandwagon. There were mixed reactions to the notch; some loved it, some didn’t while some were neutral. As for me, I love innovation.

But then, we saw a lot of development owing to the mixed reactions. Mechanical pop-up cameras came out, dual display screens were born, and punch-hole camera designs made it into the light. The punch-hole camera was one of the highlights of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S10 family.

As much as the punch-hole was crafted to tackle the notch irritation felt by users, some smartphone lovers are still not yielding to this innovation. And I can see things from that perspective because the punch-hole camera might be distracting when gaming or doing other stuff. Amazingly, they are engrossed in every other hallmark features of Samsung Galaxy S10.

So, what’s the way out? They need to do away with the punch-hole camera to use the Galaxy S10 smooth and easy. For this precise purpose, that’s why this article got concocted. See how to go about that in the header below.

Steps on how to hide Punch-hole on Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 1: Swipe to reveal the drop-down menu of the smartphone.

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Step 2: Tap on the cog icon at the top right corner. It directs you to the Settings.

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Hiding Punch-hole Camera on Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 3: Select “Display”.

Hiding Punch-hole Camera on Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 4: Tap on “Full Screen Apps”

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Step 5: Swipe to the right on the “Hide front camera” under the Full Screen Apps. Once you’ve done this, a black bar (similar to bezel) will appear at the top part of the smartphone. All the notification icons will now be seen below the bar.

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Hiding Punch-hole Camera on Samsung Galaxy S10

Now, you can see how simple it is to hide the punch-hole on Samsung Galaxy S10 using Samsung’s in-built feature.

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