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Best Note-Taking Apps for Windows 8, 10 and 11 in 2023

Are you looking for apps to take notes on your Windows PC? Here's a list of the best note-taking apps for Windows 8, 10 & 11 PC. Learn more!

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The default Notepad is one of the easiest and free text editors out there and it can be considered one of the most reliable note-taking apps that comes with your Windows 8,10 and 11 PC. This software can be used to take notes of information you don’t want to forget or store for later use. While it’s a nice text editor, it lacks certain features like adding colours to text or backing up documents to the cloud, etc.

But these days we’ve seen a lot of Notebook apps take the center stage, now you can get some of the cool features that Notepad lacks. In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, we’ve handpicked some of the best note-taking apps for Windows.

Notebook apps or Note Taking apps will make it easier to save texts you don’t want to forget or just store vital information on your PC for later and can be accessed on any device, they’re also an alternative to office apps on PC.

List of the Best Note-Taking Apps for Windows 8, 10 and 11

1. Evernote

Best Note Taking Apps

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If you’re looking for a notebook app to use at work, school or anywhere, Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps you should consider installing. With this app, you can get the best features when it comes to note-taking, it has plenty of features that’ll help you enhance note-writing, and you can create notes by adding images, audio, and so on. Evernote is also good for scanning documents like PDFs and any other known documents.

With Evernote, you can store important information and sync it automatically across all your devices, use it anywhere, and import your notes and tasks from other sources into your Evernote account. It’s a very good notebook app and it’s one of the best for Windows PC.

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2. Simplenote

Simplenote - Note-Taking Apps for Windows
Simplenote makes it easy to keep notes, on this app you can create notes and sync them across all your devices. Simplenote has a friendly user interface and when creating notes with Simplenote you can apply transformations to your texts, it’s a good note app that can be used to publish in markdown format. With Simplenote you can write, preview and publish notes. It also has a feature that’ll let you go back in time to restore changes you’ve made to your notes.

Simplenote is completely free and you can install it on your Windows PC. You can also have Simplenote on your Android or iOS device and you can sync your notes from your PC to your smartphone, Simplenote is one of the best notebook apps out there and it’s also completely lightweight.

3. Notion

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Notion - Note-Taking App for Windows

Notion is arguably one of the most professional notebook apps on Windows, this app makes it very easy to create any type of notes on a PC, it’s free and it also comes with a premium plan that’ll let you enjoy some cool features and benefits. Notion makes it easy to create notes with easy, and one of the cool features of Notion is that it has thousands of pre-built note templates that’ll allow you to create notes based on what you need the notes for.

Notion also has a web clipper that’ll let you copy texts from webpages and it’ll be pasted on your Notion text editor. With Notion, you can create Meeting Notes, Roadmaps, etc and you can do all that with its pre-built templates, Notion is one of the best note-taking apps for Windows users.

4. Milanote


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Milanote makes it easy to write notes and create to-do lists on PC, it offers a remarkable turn of features that makes note-taking very easy. You can use Milanote to create any type of note and it supports different file types like PDF, Word, Excel and even PowerPoint. You can make notes and add both videos and images to it, you can embed audio sounds as well, and you can customize fonts and add stylish decorations to them.

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Milanote is very easy to use and you can also sync your notes with other users, it’s one of the best note-taking apps for Windows and you can download it for free. It also has a paid version but the free version does more than enough to give you the best results you want when taking notes on your PC.

5. OneNote


OneNote comes with every Windows 10 OS and it’s a note app from Microsoft. It’s arguably one of the best note-taking apps, you can use OneNote to create notes and to-do lists, it has great features and you can also sync your office documents with OneNote. OneNote works on Windows and smartphones and thereby makes it easy to share your notes across more than one device.

OneNote is very easy to use, you can customize texts, and make drawings with ink, and you can also mix media by adding audio, and videos to your notes, you can add files and documents as well. You can easily share your notes with co-workers, friends and family.

Conclusion (Best Note-Taking Apps)

When it comes to taking notes on a PC and you want to get advanced features that are missing on Notepad, these are the best note-taking apps you can install on your Windows PC, they all have cool features, they’re free and very easy to use.

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