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Best Free Folder Locker Software for Windows PC (2022)

If you're looking for a way to lock and protect your folders on Windows, here's a list of the best Free Folder Locker Software for Windows.

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Locking our PC with passwords or some sort of security makes it difficult for unwanted access, but what if your PC can be accessed by anyone and your files and folders are left vulnerable because anyone can access them.

But just like how we can hide apps, folders and files on Android, you can also do that on Windows. There are different software out there that’ll allow a windows user to lock his/her folders and files, and if you’re looking for software like that, you’ll find it here on NaijaKnowHow.

In today’s article, we’ll be listing out some of the best free folder locker software for Windows. With this software, you can lock any folder and files on your PC and that’ll give you more privacy over your files and folders.

List of the Best Free Folder Locker Software for Windows PC

Folder Locker Software is best used to make sure your files and folders don’t get accessed unauthorized, some of the software will let you protect your files if you want to save on cloud storage, you can also use any of the software to compress files and folders before sending them out to anyone or keeping it on your PC.

1. SecretFolder

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Free Folder Locker Software

When deciding on a folder locker software you should use on your PC, SecretFolder should always come to your mind because at the moment it’s one of the free folder locking software out there on Windows. This is a software you’ll enjoy using on your Windows PC, it makes it very easy to lock files and folders on your PC and you can also use it to hide and unhide your protected folders.

To hide files with SecreFolder, you’ll need to add the file or folder you want to hide inside the SecretFolder dashboard and you can set the password you want to use. Any folder you lock or hide with SecretFolder cannot be deleted and even the SecretFolder software can’t be installed without the password you used on the software. SecretFolder is free and it’s one of the Best Free Folder Locker Software for PC.

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2. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Free Folder Locker Software

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Gilisoft File Lock Pro is a professional file locker on Windows, and it’s arguably one of the most advanced software for locking and hiding anything on Windows. This software does a great job and you can use it to hide or lock your private files and folders, you can also use it to lock USB drives, and DVDs and it works with almost any kind of program. It’s a software that is completely free and it has a lot of features, you can protect your files and folders completely with Gilisoft File Lock Pro.

One of the cool features of this software is that even when your PC is being booted into Safe Mode, your files will still be protected and completely hidden. Protected drives like your USB, DVDs and any external drives can’t be accessed nor formatted without a provided password.

3. HiddenDIR


Folder invisibility can be achieved with HiddenDIR, it doesn’t lock folders nor offer any kind of encryption to files and folders but you can use it to hide any file or folder on your PC. HiddenDIR keeps your files and folders in an anonymous position and even if your PC got accessed without your consent, your private folders won’t be seen and can’t be opened.

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HiddenDIR is one of the best free locker software out there, you can also use it to lock folders with passwords but its main capability is to make folders invisible from other users who have access to your PC. HiddenDIR is a trusted software and it’s one of the best free folder locker software for Windows PC.

4. WinRar

Free Folder Locker Software

WinRar as we all know is a utility software on Windows that you can use to compress and decompress files and folders, It’s a great tool to reduce files and folder sizes on PC. One other great feature from WinRar is the encryption module that’ll let you lock files or folders once you turn them into an archive file. You can set passwords on folders on your PC and when shared with another user, he or she will need to enter your password to have access to the protected file or folder.

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WinRar is free, and while it doesn’t really lock folders unless you archive the folder, it’s still a great folder locker and it’s one of the best you can have as a Windows user.

5. Lock-A-Folder


Lock-A-Folder is one of the best encryption software on Windows, it does a great job when it comes to hiding files and folders on PC and one of the reasons why you’ll love this software is because it is very easy to use. It’s a folder locker that’ll let you lock folders and files on your PC and you can also use it to hide folders as well.

Lock-A-Folder is free and it’s a lightweight software on Windows, it’s compatible with newer versions and older versions of Windows. It’s one of the best free folder locker software for Windows.

6. Secret Disk

Secret Disk

Secret Disk is another awesome folder locker and it’s one of the most popular locking software for Windows PC. With this software, you can protect any files and folders on your PC by encrypting a password on them. When a file or folder has been locked with Secret Disk, the locked folder becomes automatically invisible to other users and the Secret Disk software can’t be deleted without your password being entered.

Secret Disk is free and it’s one of the best free folder lockers out there. You can always use this software to lock any file and folder on your PC. It can protect files via password encryption and it can also lock files automatically after being opened and closed.


For locking folders and files on Windows, these are the best free folder locker software you can use. They work perfectly and they have different features, you can hide your folders safely, and you can also lock any file you want without anyone opening them without your consent.

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