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7 Best Online Website Malware Scanners (2023)

Looking for the best website malware scanners? Here's a list of the best online website malware scanners to scan websites for free.

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Are you looking for the best online website malware scanners to detect the presence of malware on a website or just to check if the website you want to visit is safe? Don’t worry and that’s because you’ve arrived at the perfect spot to get the information you’re looking for.

When browsing the web, one needs to be extra careful of the websites we go access, data breaching has been leading to a lot of compromises, these days people lose their online accounts or download corrupted files from an infected website.

Rather than falling victim to such an incident, you could scan a website first to know if it’s safe to access. And that’s why in today’s topic on NaijaKnowHow, we’re going to introduce you to the best online website malware scanners to scan for viruses and malware presence on a website.

List of The Best Online Website Malware Scanners

The web scanners that are listed below are perfect for scanning a website for potential threats and one thing about these websites is that they’re free and sometimes give results with 70 to 90% accuracy.

1. Quttera – quttera.com

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online website malware scanners

When looking for a web scanner to scan websites, Quttera serves as one of the best out there and there’s something quite unique about this website. Firstly, it’s a free scanner website, it supports websites that are built on different CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and so on, this scanner will scan all website files and let you know if it’s safe to access or download from.

Quttera is free and it gives accurate results, it’s a website you can always visit if you want to scan for malware on any website you come across online, it’s one of the best out there and also very easy to use.

2. SUCURI – sitecheck.sucuri.net

online website malware scanners

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If you’re a webmaster then you’ll have come across the SUCURI security plugin on WordPress. This website offers a way to scan websites for malware and one of the best reasons for using SUCURI is that it can scan any type of website, it doesn’t have a specific CMS that it targets, as long as there’s an URL, it’ll scan.

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SUCURI also give accurate results from scans carried out, it’s a malware scanner and also a security checker, it’s one of the best that you can rely on. With SUCURI, you can scan any website or blog to check for malware for free.

3. Criminal IP – www.criminalip.io

Criminal IP

One of the best online website malware scanners out there is Criminal IP, this website offers a lot of scanner options and it’s something you’ll barely see on other websites. With Criminal IP, you can scan the IP address of a domain, you can scan a computer’s IP to know if it’s safe to receive data from such a computer, and it does all this for free.

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Criminal IP is quite advanced, you can run scans via host names, favicons, tags, titles and so on. If you’re looking for a website that’ll let you scan a website online for malware detection, Criminal IP is your go-to option.

4. VirusTotal – virustotal.com

online website malware scanners

Another website on the list is VirusTotal, it’s a popular website as well and it’s very good for scanning files online, it can detect the presence of viruses or malware if you upload a suspicious file for it to scan. But when it comes to website scanning, it’s very efficient, it does an amazing job and it runs its scan based on the given URL.

VirusTotal can also make scans via given IP addresses, the website has a simple user interface, it’s very fast and it runs quick and accurate scans. VirusTotal is one of the best online website malware scanners out there.

5. Astra Security – securityscan.getastra.com

Astra Security

Whether it’s your website or a random one and you want to detect maybe there’s the presence of a virus on it, Astra Security is there for you. With Astra Security, you can scan a website for the presence of malicious scripts or injected files, you can use Astra Security for free.

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Astra Security is a free online scanner, you can also use it for SEO SPAM scan, it gives all these features for free and the website is very easy to navigate. If you want to run a malware scan on any website, Astra Security is one of the best online website malware scanners to use.

6. SiteGuarding – www.siteguarding.com


SiteGaurding is a professional web security service that is known for protecting websites from hackers, cleaning hacked websites and so on. One more thing that this website does it that it allows users to scan for viruses, it’s one of the best at what it does and it offers services you’ll enjoy.

SiteGuarding can scan any type of website and it doesn’t matter the kind of platform the website runs on, you can always use SiteGuarding to scan any website online and that’s why SiteGuarding is one of the best online website malware scanners out there.

7. MalCare – app.malcare.com


Rounding up the list is another top website scanner that does a great job in malware scanning. MalCare is a top scanner, it’s one of the best you can use and there’s no doubt about the quality results it gives. If you want to scan a website built on WordPress, MalCare is very perfect for it.

You can scan websites for free on MalCare and all you just need to do is register for an account and you can begin scanning. Scanning on this website is very easy, it’ll give you accurate results and that’s why MalCare is highly regarded as one of the best online website malware scanners.


Overall, if you want to scan a website or group of websites online for suspicious malware files or injected files. The list of online scanners that have been provided in this article is the best you can use, they’re fast, free and accurate.

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