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Top 5 Charging Tips To Prevent Battery Damage On Your Phone

These charging tips are sure ways to keep your phone and battery very healthy and elongate battery life.

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3. Plug in at every 10% power drop

Don’t ever wait till your phone’s power drops low as critical. 10-15% battery capacity may have an adverse effect on the life of a battery.

According to Battery University, charging your smartphone when it loses 10% of its charge would be the best option. While this may not be possible practically for many people, just put your smartphone on charge when you can. It is fine to plug and unplug your smartphone multiple times in a day.

Ignore myths, charge often after losing about 10 percent of battery all day. It’s good for the life of your phone’s battery and will further boost your confidence to use features such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, other battery drainers such as Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM & co. You might want to see legitimate ways to speed up charging on your smartphone.

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