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Top 5 Charging Tips To Prevent Battery Damage On Your Phone

These charging tips are sure ways to keep your phone and battery very healthy and elongate battery life.

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2. Keep it cool

This is where someone has been very selfish, you need to know this; not only human needs Air Conditioners, Fans, coolers and other types of cooling devices, even your gadgets needs them. Let’s use humans as an example here, imagine you’re stuck in a bus heavily crowded, what you do next is to get a bottle of chilled coke for the purpose of refreshing your energy, why chilled coke, why not something more hot like a hot coffee. Perhaps, you can just do the same for your device. I’m not saying you should feed your smartphones with coke, but to expose them to cool environments when they overheat! The only way to control overheating on a smartphone is to keep them cool at all time.

When charging, also make sure you check to know when your phone starts heating up, removing your phone from its case before charging sometimes does the trick.

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