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Top 5 Charging Tips To Prevent Battery Damage On Your Phone

These charging tips are sure ways to keep your phone and battery very healthy and elongate battery life.

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5. Use approved chargers

Those of you that enjoy using a friend’s charger when you go visiting, this should serve as a warning! As many times you use your phone with an incompatible charger, you expose yourself, people around you, your phone and your home in serious danger especially when you use it while it’s plugged in.

Take caution, learn to use only recommended phone chargers while charging your device. If you ignore this, you’re not just endangering your phone battery, it’s also a danger to your life. Be warned!!

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In summary:

Don’t overcharge, don’t undercharge, don’t let your phone power drop below the desirable level, understand when to unplug and replug your phone and always remember to keep your device in a very cool condition. Heat is dangerous for gadgets, they can explode, flame up and cause serious skin damage. So be very careful at all time, study your phone, follow the charging tips enlisted if you want your battery juice to last for a while longer.

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