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Samsung Prepares Next Fold Screen Smartphone

It's still unclear how the fate of the release of Galaxy Fold, however, Samsung reportedly has begun to prepare the next generation of folding screen smartphone.

Although it’s still unclear how the fate of the release of Galaxy Fold, Samsung reportedly has begun to prepare the next generation of folding screen smartphone.

Forbes reports that Samsung has registered another design patent for a folding screen smartphone. Reportedly, the design is the Galaxy Fold Z, which is none other than the next generation of Galaxy Fold.

From leaked circulations, Galaxy Fold Z will have a wider screen size, so the number of folds is even more than the Galaxy Fold.

Based on leaks from LetsGoDigital, the maximum screen size of this device is three times bigger than the current smartphone screen. With the screen size, this smartphone will become more of a versatile device.

galaxy z patent leak

As the name implies, the Galaxy Fold Z screen can be folded twice to form the letter ‘Z’. Later, users will have a smartphone, tablet, to a mini PC in one device at a time.

Galaxy Fold Z will also be an ideal device for multitasking and entertainment.

Although it has been patented, it does not mean that the design will be released and introduced soon. If Samsung is serious about working on the Galaxy Fold Z, chances are that this folding screen smartphone will only be introduced at next year’s grand event such as CES 2020 or MWC 2020.

Although it is said to be a smartphone design trend this year, there are only three major vendors who have introduced smartphones with this concept, namely Royole with FlexPai Samsung with Galaxy Fold and Huawei with Mate X.

Unfortunately, the folding screen smartphone from Samsung and Huawei is not officially sold, except for the Royole FlexPai which recently entered the market last month. The two devices (Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X) which had already been introduced seems too rushed.

As a result, its development is not perfect. Like Galaxy Fold which received negative reviews from several initial testers when it was introduced. The problem was found, there are components on the hinge that allows the screen to be folded.

Huawei also has a similar problem with its Mate X, so Huawei and Samsung must postpone the release of this revolutionary cellphone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold itself will reportedly be released in September, while Huawei has confirmed that its device will experience a slight delay. According to Huawei, Mate X is most likely to be released to the public in November.

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