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How to Uninstall System Apps on Android Devices

Trying to uninstall or get rid of in-built system apps on your Android device? Then check out these explained methods and procedures on how you can achieve such.

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System applications are built-in apps that come with Android devices. These applications have got little or no use on Android phones and that’s the reason most people tend to find a way to remove these system apps from their Android smartphones. In this article, you’ll get a tutorial on how you uninstall system apps on Android devices with or without rooting.

Pre-installed system applications most times do occupy a lot of valuable space on Android devices, and removing them will make a good amount of space available which could be used to save important documents and files, or allow you to install more useful Android applications which you’d need. There’s not a default way to remove these apps on Android phones, so this article is bent on giving you a good working process to get rid of system applications.

If your Android device is rooted, then removing system applications will be very easy, as there are a few apps that would help you to remove or uninstall system apps. Here on Naijaknowhow, I’ll write about two good apps and give direct download links to them. So if you’re a rooted or non-rooted Android device user, you’ll benefit from this tutorial.

How to Uninstall System Apps on Android Without Root

As a non-rooted Android user, you’ll not be able to get rid of, or uninstall system apps from your device through its settings or via some applications, but you can rightly do this with a computer or laptop. Below you’ll get the working process to do this.

Step 1: Download the Debloater Software

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First things first, do make sure to download the Debloater Software with the link below on your laptop or computer. Follow the next step after doing this.

Step 2: Install Android USB drivers on your computer

Now, what you should do is install your Android USB drivers on your computer. Make sure to find out your Android phone’s USB drivers with your Android phone’s name on Google, because each phone has got its own USB Drivers.

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Step 3: Enable USB debugging

Immediately after this is done, you’ve got to find and enable USB debugging on your Android phone from settings >> developer option >> tick on “USB debugging” option. If maybe your developer option isn’t yet activated, then you should go to “About phone” and find “Build number” and click on it 5 times to get it activated.

Step 4: Connect your Android phone to PC

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Now you should make sure to connect your Android smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 5: Launch the Debloater software

After your device is connected, then you should launch the Debloater software, and it’ll automatically load all the applications which you’ve got installed on your Android phone.

Uninstall System Apps on Android Devices

Step 6: Mark and select applications to remove

You should then mark and select the applications you want to remove or uninstalled from your Android device, and with just a click, they’ll be deleted completely.

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If followed accordingly, the procedure above will help you to remove and uninstall all unwanted system applications from your Android smartphone. This tutorial is mostly for non-rooted Android users. Now let’s get to the process for rooted users.

How to Uninstall System Apps on Rooted Android Phones

This is quite an easy one, and just like I said earlier, with the use of some applications developed for this purpose, you can get rid of system or inbuilt applications from your rooted Android device. Below, you’ll get to see and know two working apps which you should use to do this.

1. System App Remover

System App Remover

This application will help you to uninstall unwanted system apps from your Android device, and it also makes a backup of those uninstalled apps so you could possibly get to in its recycle bin and install back anytime you need them. You can also use the system app remover application to filter apps which make your Android device unstable after uninstalling those system apps.

System app remover is very good in the work of uninstalling or getting rid of any built-in unwanted app and bloatware on your Android phone. This application has also got a whole lot of other features that you’ll surely come across when using the app. It has a sleek and good material design that helps you in the navigation of the app and also lets you perform operations quite easily without any form of a hitch. It’ll be good to use this application now.

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System app remover (root neede
System app remover (root neede
Developer: Jumobile
Price: Free

2. Root App Deleter

Root App Deleter

Root app deleter is one of the best applications that would help you to get rid of built-in apps from your Android phone, but of course, you’d need root access on your device before this application will work well. This application is fast and quite easy to use, it also works on old Android devices. You’d get new updates that’ll bring in more working and useful features. Root app deleter can be downloaded and installed for free via the google play store.

This application holds a vast range of important features and functions which would prove useful in helping you to carry out other needed operations on your Android smartphone. You could use it to clean off junk apps and files that have been stored and hidden without your knowledge on your mobile device. I very much recommend the use of this application to get the problem of unwanted apps solved in a jiffy. Download the application and use it now.

With these two apps listed above, you can easily uninstall or get rid of pre-installed apps from your rooted Android device. These apps work just fine and do what they were developed for. Download your preferred choice right now and start to use it.


You can easily uninstall system or pre-installed applications from your Android device using the above tutorials. They work well on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, provided it’s followed accurately. Nevertheless, you should be very cautious and careful when performing operations using any of the explained methods or listed applications to avoid mistakes. If you did like the article, then do share it with others so that they’ll also benefit from it.

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