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7 Best Websites to Watch Spanish Telenovelas (2023)

Are you looking for where to watch Spanish series or TV shows with English subtitles for free? Here's a list of websites to watch Spanish telenovelas online.

Are you a lover of Spanish telenovelas and you want to watch Spanish telenovelas online? Well, it’s a good thing you stumbled upon this website. We’ve made a compilation of websites that’ll let you stream telenovelas online for free. Spanish movies are very popular and they’re just like the Korean dramas we watch online.

Being able to watch Spanish movies or telenovela simply means you have to have a Spanish movie channel. But what if you’re not in Spain or any Spanish-speaking country and you want to watch Spanish movies? While apps like Mobdro have made it easy to access channels from different countries. Sometimes they don’t work and the best way is to use a website.

There are a lot of websites that’ll you stream Spanish telenovels for free without a doubt. But how do you identify these websites? Just as we’ve made a list of websites to watch Hollywood movies online for free. In this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow, you’ll discover a list of sites to watch Spanish telenovelas. These websites have been carefully selected based on their availability and other factors. You can always visit them for the latest Telenovelas online.

List of The Best Websites to Watch Spanish Telenovelas

Whether you want to watch the latest or older Spanish telenovelas. You can do so on these websites, some offer free streaming and some are often paid for. Sometimes you can get notifications on the latest Spanish telenovelas online. Before accessing these websites, you might need a good ad-blocker to help protect you from pop ads

1. Pelis-Online – https://pelisonline.me

Watch Spanish Telenovelas

Pelis-Online is a very popular website where you’ll find all that concerns Spanish movies. This website has been around for some time now and it has been serving people well. There are a lot of considered factors that have made Pelis-Online a popular choice for most people. The website is known for allowing people to stream Spanish movies for free. You don’t even need to register for an account on Pelis-Online before you can access movies. There are different categories of Spanish telenovelas on Pelis-Online and you’ll find old and new ones.

Browsing through the categories of Spanish telenovelas on this website. You’ll find action, drama, comedy, sci-fi and so on. Streaming on Pelis-Online is quite convenient compared to other websites. The website allows users to stream in different qualities, the lowest quality is 480p. While Pelis-Online is known for hosting Spanish telenovelas. The website also allows users to stream movies from other countries. Another reason why you’ll love Pelis-Online is the smooth interface, you can find movies easily. This is one of the best websites to watch Spanish telenovelas online for free.

2. Pelis XD – https://pelisxd.com

Watch Spanish Telenovelas

There are only a few websites that offer quality movie streaming without limitations. Pelis XD is one of those websites you can rely on and it has been doing a great job. Pelis XD has a nice interface that has no pop ads, the navigation is superb as well. Whether you want to access this website on a mobile device or PC, you’re good to go. Pelis XD offers Spanish movies and tv series online for free. You’ll be able to explore movies from 2000 to 2022 and also the latest 2023 updates. There are different Spanish telenovelas on Pelis XD and streaming them is completely free.

What makes Pelix XD unique is that you can browse through different categories. There’s a section for Spanish movies and also Spanish series. The streaming quality of Pelis XD is another factor that has made it popular. The website allows users to stream on fast servers and also in clear HD quality. Pelis XD is arguably the best place to stream Spanish telenovelas online for free. You’ll enjoy the services the website offers when it comes to Spanish content.

3. PelisPlus – https://pelisplus.in


PelisPlus also leads the way when it comes to websites to watch Spanish Telenovelas online. The website was shut down but was recently opened on a new domain with better services. Sometimes it’s always hard to get the right Spanish movies or telenovelas to watch online. But with PelisPlus, everything does get easier than ever. This website offers tons of Spanish movies and some are even the latest ones. You don’t need to sign up or make any payments on Pelis Plus.

The categories of content on PelisPlus range from Holywood movies to Spanish movies. The website also offers dubbed movies and that’s what makes it special. While streaming on PelisPlus, you’ll get telenovelas recommendations. You can also search for any Spanish telenovela on the website. PelisPlus is one of the few websites that offer Spanish telenovelas for free. The website has a clean interface but sometimes you’ll get redirections when you make clicks.

4. RePelisHD – https://ww1.repelishd.de

Watch Spanish Telenovelas

One of the best websites to stream Latin Spanish movies and tv series online is RePelisHD. If you want to watch a different variety of Spanish telenovelas online, RePelisHD is a great choice. Just like the alternatives that have been listed above, all streaming on RepPelisHD is completely free. The website does have pop ads and that’s one of the annoying factors about it. With RePelisHD, you can browse through different selections of Spanish movies and tv series.

Another reason why RePelisHD is perfect for watching Spanish movies is that. The website recommends top IMDB telenovelas. Sometimes you’ll be able to stream telenovelas that are produced by Netflix. The website also allows users to watch dubbed Spanish telenovelas, you’ll also get English subtitled movies and so on. RePelisHD also allows users to stream foreign movies and that’s one of the cool features about it.

5. PelisPlay – https://www.pelisplay.co


PelisPlay is also a great website for streaming Spanish telenovelas online. One of the downsides of this website is the lack of updates. The lack of updates doesn’t really de-rank it from the best. If you’re always attracted to older Spanish telenovelas and you want a source to get them all. PelisPlay is a great place to get them and you’ll find plenty of them available. The large categories of movies on PelisPlay make it a great choice. The website also allows HD free streaming.

On PelisPlay, you’ll have access to a lot of Spanish telenovelas. There are different categories to explore and they’re all made available for free. PelisPlay is also a great choice for streaming non-Spanish movies. The only difference between PelisPlay and other websites is that you can register. However, registration is optional; but if you want to add movies to your watch later list. You’ll need to register for an account on PelisPlay.

6. MiraDeTodo – https://miradetodo.de

Watch Spanish Telenovelas

MiraDeTodo has been around for a long time, despite different changes in the domain name. The website still does an excellent job when it comes to watching Spanish telenovelas online. MiraDeTodo is quite different from most websites, it offers pure Spanish content only. Maybe you want to watch Spanish movies, series or anime for free. MiraDeTodo offers a great way to access them online in different quality. Some of the services of MiraDeTodo go beyond providing Spanish telenovelas only.

You can also gain access to dubbed Spanish shows, subtitled movies and movie recommendations. In addition to the services offered by MiraDeTodo, it also allows users to request. There’s a request button on the website, you can ask for any Spanish telenovelas. Being able to access Spanish telenovelas from 2010 to date is one reason you should use MiraDeTodo.

7. REPELISPLUS – https://repelisplus.app


REPELISPLUS might not be the exact website you had hoped for due to more foreign movies. The website is also a great choice for watching Spanish series online but recently it changed directions. Most times you’ll find foreign movies like Hollywood movies on REPELISPLUS. There’s still room for older movies and Spanish telenovelas, you only need to search for them via the search bar. REPELISPLUS is a great choice for Spanish telenovelas but you shouldn’t expect the latest ones on the website.

One of the best websites to watch Spanish telenovelas online is REPELISPLUS. The website allows users to stream and download. Sometimes you’ll only get the option to stream and not download. REPELISPLUS also offers Spanish telenovelas in different streaming quality. You can stream in qualities like 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K quality. If you’re looking for a great source to stream Spanish telenovelas online. You can also use REPELISPLUS, top Spanish IMDB telenovelas are available on REPELISPLUS. You’ll love the website, it has a clean interface and is also very easy to navigate.


In conclusion, these are the best websites to watch Spanish telenovelas online with English subtitles for free. There are categories of Spanish telenovelas that you won’t find on these websites. They all have the latest, older, trending and upcoming telenovelas. You don’t have to sign up or make any payments on these websites. Sometimes you might face streaming glitches, it is recommended that you use a good web browser. Browsers like Brave Browser and UC Browser are known to work perfectly on these websites.

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