Home Blogging Tips How To Open A Working Clickbank Account in Nigeria (2021)

How To Open A Working Clickbank Account in Nigeria (2021)

Opening a working Clickbank account in Nigeria has been a huge task amongst Nigerian bloggers and affiliate marketing experts. Check out this article to learn how to open a working Clickbank account in Nigeria.

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Opening a working Clickbank account in Nigeria has been a huge task amongst Nigerian bloggers and also those who’re into affiliate marketing.

And it’s a huge task because of geographical restrictions issued by the company not to enable some countries to sign-up for Clickbank.

But for some reasons, almost everyone wants to have a Clickbank account, but it’s quite difficult to get one and to be able to have a working Clickbank account, you have to be in one of the accepted countries. But it’s possible to get a working Clickbank account in Nigeria, and this article is the best solution to knowing how.

Clickbank Unavailable To Nigerians

How To Open A Working Clickbank Account in Nigeria

Before we proceed, you should keep it in mind that this tutorial is 50/50 chances, as you might face on or two difficulties later on, but if you play your card’s right. You might get lucky, and opening a working Clickbank account requires you to have some needed details and tools.

Pre-requisites To Opening A Clickbank Account in Nigeria

  • A Payoneer Account
  • UK Number
  • A Strong VPN ( 911 Socks Preferable)
  • Direct Contact in the UK (Mandatory but optional)
  • Fake Name Generator

Steps To Opening A Clickbank Account In Nigeria

Step 1. Connect to UK location using a strong Android VPN or any good VPN that works well on PC and mobile. I’ll suggest using IP Vanish or NordVPN or use socks 911 as an alternative.

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Step 2. Once you’re connected to the VPN and your location is set to the UK, now visit CheckMyIp to confirm your current location. Once it shows the United Kingdom, then you’re good to go.

Step 3. Now head to Clickbank on a tab, then also open fakenamegenerator.com on another tab, then do the following in step 4 before proceeding with steps to open a Clickbank account.

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Step 4. On fakenamegenerator page, you’ll need to generate your fake UK profile, and that can be easily done on the homepage, just generate a male gender profile and proceed to the next step.

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Step 5. Go to Clickbank.com, remember to stay connected to your VPN and your location and IP address must be located in the UK. On Clickbank homepage, click the create account button.

Step 6. During sign-up, enter your first and last name as shown on your Payoneer card or Payoneer profile. Then input your original email address and not the generated one from Fakenamegenerator. Select country as UK, then the street address should be the one you generated from Fakenamegenerator.

Step 7. Then state and city should also be the generated one, and for the phone number, if you have a virtual UK number, you can use it and if you don’t, use the one generated from fakenamegenerator. You’re done with adding personal info, now the next section is how to add your Bank Information.

How To Add Payoneer Details To Clickbank Account

Step 1. On the page that shows add Payee Name, make sure you add your Payoneer name on it just as you did on the previous page.

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Step 2. Select which country your bank is located. It’s obvious it’s the UK, so select the UK and enter your bank name. Payoneer uses Barclays bank so type in Barclays as your receiving bank.

Step 3. After doing all that, you’ll need to set a username and a password. Your password should be very sensitive, then after setting all that, finish up and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Check your email to confirm it. You’re done creating a working Clickbank account in Nigeria.


Like I said earlier on that creating a Clickbank account using this method is 50-50 chances, you could lose the account hours later if your access activity looks suspicious or you might have to submit some IDs for proper verification. But it’s a method that works well and with a strong IP address, you’re good to go.

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