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Best YouTube Channels To Learn Programming in 2023

In this article, you'll discover the best youtube channels to learn programming for free.

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The best YouTube Channels to learn Programming will surely reduce the cost of you spending your money to buy programming courses on websites like Udemy and its alternatives.

Programming is one of the top tech skills to venture into and being a web designer/web developer increases your chances of making money online legitimately. While programming is easier said than done, there are some lows towards acquiring the knowledge and that is the cost of learning, but these days YouTube has made such tasks less difficult.

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been into programming already and you’ll like to learn more courses or rewind back to things you’ve forgotten, there are free channels on YouTube that’ll help out and we’ve curated those channels in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow.

List of The Best YouTube Channels to Learn Programming Online

Being unable to buy programming courses has daunted the hopes of most people who want to learn how to write code or become a programmer. But with the help of YouTube channels that offers free programming tutorials, everything has been made easy and that’s why we’ve handpicked those channels below.

1. The Net Ninja

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channels to learn programming

Verified on YouTube, The Net Ninja is arguably the best channel on YouTube if you want to learn how to code as a beginner or if you want to improve your coding skills if you’ve been learning before. This channel offers video tutorials on different programming languages and one of the reasons why you’ll love The Net Ninja is that every tutorial videos on the channel are always short in order to learn quickly.

The Net Ninja offers programming tutorials on basic scripting languages like HTML, and CSS and if you’ll really love to go into core programming, there are video tutorials for languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python and so on, The Net Ninja channel on YouTube is one of the best YouTube Channels to Learn Programming.

2. Programming with Mosh

channels to learn programming

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With over 3M subscribers, Programming with Mosh has been one of the best YouTube channels to learn programming easily at no cost and it’s been one of the most recommended channels for starters. On this channel, you’ll discover starter questions like What is HTML? What is Javascript? and so on. There are tutorials on a programming language you won’t find on Programming with Mosh.

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Programming with Mosh offers tutorials on languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, Angular and so on. Most videos on this channel are either long or short, you can also follow the playlist on the channel to aid your learning process easier if you’re planning to learn everything that is to know about a particular programming language.

3. freeCodeCamp

channels to learn programming

freeCodeCamp is a channel on YouTube that offers programming tutorials for free. This channel is very popular and it’s a channel I followed personally during my time learning programming before I started buying courses online. What makes freeCodeCamp a bit different from most programming channels is that different programmer always submits their courses to freeCodeCamp and thereby increasing the chances of you finding any free tutorial regarding any programming language.

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freeCodeCamp’s videos are not short videos and most times you might get an 11hr video tutorial on freeCodeCamp. freeCodeCamp doesn’t just provide programming tutorials alone, you can also get tutorials on WordPress, UI/UX tutorials for Figma and so on, it’s one of the best YouTube channels to learn programming.

4. CS Dojo

CS Dojo

CS Dojo channel is another popular channel on YouTube with over 1M+ subscribers, this channel is owned by a popular software developer who worked for Google before deciding to start programming tutorials for people who needs them. On the CS Dojo channel, you’ll learn what is needed to know about computer programming and computer science in while. There are plenty of tutorials about languages like Python, you’ll also get the best interview tutorials on CS Dojo.

CS Dojo is one of the best YouTube channels to visit if you’ll like to learn more about computer programming and that’s because it’s a channel that offers all the information you need to know about programming and computer science.

5. Traversy Media

channels to learn programming

If you want to learn how to program easily, Traversy Media is one of the best YouTube channels to learn programming, on this channel you’ll find the best crash courses for scripting languages, backend languages and languages regarding databases and so on. Whether you want to step up your coding experience or you’re coming up as a starter, Traversy Media is one of the best channels you can visit.

Traversy Media offers crash courses and short tutorials, if you want to learn how to build web apps using languages like JavaScript, you’ll find all the needed tutorials on Traversy Media, it’s one of the best YouTube channels to learn programming.

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6. Derek Banas

Derek Banas

Derek Banas is an outstanding tutor on YouTube and that’s because he has a channel where you can learn more than just programming courses only. If you want to learn programming for sure, there’s a space for that and you can also learn real-life tutorials on electrical engineering and even mathematics are being taught by Derek Banas.

Derek Banas teaches how to make video games, this channel offers tutorials on high-level languages like C#, Python and so on. If you want to learn to code or improve your coding skills, Derek Banas’s YouTube channel is one of the best channels to visit on YouTube.

7. Academind


There are a few channels that offer tutorials on some important programming languages like Javascript, runtime languages like NodeJS and some popular frameworks like Angular, ReactJS and so on, one of the channels that offer tutorials on these languages is Acedemind. Acedemind is a channel managed by Max and Manuel and they’re one of the best tutors you’ll find on YouTube if you want to learn how to write codes as a newbie or a professional.

Acedemind offers short and long videos depending on the type of video about a course you want to watch, the channel is one of the best on YouTube, Academind is one of the best YouTube channels to learn programming, if you have questions, they’ll answer them in the comment section.

8. LevelUpTuts


LevelUpTuts is one of the best YouTube channels to learn programming and that’s because this channel provides tutorials in short form, you might not get half of a course on this channel compared to other channels, but when it comes to how-to tutorials about programming or writing codes for a particular task, they offer some of the best tutorials you can follow.

LevelUpTuts tutorials are always straight and explanations are given in a straight and direct format. If you’ll like to level up your skills in HTML, CSS, and even tutorials Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress are taught for free on this channel.


When it comes to learning programming as a skill, learning for free isn’t a bad choice and with the best YouTube channels to learn programming that we’ve provided in this article, you can begin your programming journey now and once you’re at a high level, you can start buying courses.

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