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9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 Tariff Bundles & Migration Codes

This post contains how to migrate to 9Mobile MoreBusiness 2.0 tariff bundles. See subscription code & terms of usage in Nigeria.

9Mobile MoreBusiness 2.0 Tariff Bundles| This post contains how to migrate to 9Mobile More Business Call & Data Tariff Packages. See subscription USSD code, benefits and pricing.

9Mobile has some incredible call tariff and data plans. They won’t stop as they have just unveiled yet another awesome bundle for SME businesses in Nigeria.

The Morebusiness bundle is designed for small and medium businesses. And it is created for you and your employees to enjoy flexible and affordable voice and data bundles.

9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 our voice and data bundles offer you the flexibility and power to customise your plans by selecting from an array of add-on services currently existing on the 9mobile network.

In case you don’t understand me…

9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 voice and data bundle is not only designed to give you call bundles, these bundles also come with call bundles which allow you to enjoy affordable call rates.

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9Mobile MoreBusiness 2.0 Tariff Bundles & Migration Codes

9mobile morebusiness

9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 tariff bundles and benefits

  • Business 1000 @ N1,000 (70 mins, 750MB data, valid for 30 days)
  • Business 2000 @ N2,000 (150 mins, 1.5GB data, valid for 30 days)
  • Business 2000 voice @ N2,000 (300 mins, valid for 30 days)
  • Business 5000 @ N5,000 (300 mins, 5GB, valid for 30 days)
  • Business 10000 @ N10,000 (650 Mins, 10GB data, valid for 30 days)
  • Staff 1000 (data) @ N1,000 (750MB, 70 mins)
  • Staff 1000 (voice) @ N1,000 (150 mins)
  • Staff 1000 XS voice (500 CUG mins and 55 national mins)

*Activation of staff bundle is tied to an active business bundle subscription.

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Here are some more benefits you’d get with 9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 bundle

  • Extra cost saving tariff within bundle.
  • Free add-ons: 5 business tips, 20 SMS, zero-rated access to SME arena website.
  • Bundle customisation with add-on solutions e.g. insurance plan, CUG, chat pack, international call bundle and more.

How to Migrate To 9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 Bundles

Here is a table showing all the various activation or migration codes.

Business 1000

  • Price: N1000
  • Minutes: 70
  • Data: 750MB
  • Code: *246*4*24#

Business 2000

  • Price: N2000
  • Minutes: 150
  • Data: 1.5GB
  • Code: *246*4*21#

Business 2000 (voice)

  • Price: N2000
  • Minutes: 300
  • Code: *246*4*26#

Business 5000

  • Price: N5000
  • Minutes: 300
  • Data: 5.0GB
  • Code: *246*4*22#

Business 10000

  • Price: N10000
  • Minutes: 650
  • Data: 10GB
  • Code: *246*4*23#

Staff 1000 (data)

  • Price: N1000
  • Minutes: 70
  • Data: 750MB
  • Code: *246*4*business number*22#

Staff 1000 (voice)

  • Price: N1000
  • Minutes: 150
  • Code: *246*4*business number*21#

Staff CUG XS

  • Price: N1000
  • Minutes: 55 (national) 500 (CUG)
  • Code: *246*4*executive MSISDN*23#

Check out the more detailed table below:

9Mobile Morebusiness 2.0 Bundles

Package Price Minutes Data Opt in code
Business 1000 N1000 70 750MB *246*4*24#
Business 2000 N2000 150 1.5GB *246*4*21#
Business 2000 (voice) N2000 300 N/A *246*4*26#
Business 5000 N5000 300 5.0GB *246*4*22#
Business 10000 N10000. 650 10GB *246*4*23#
Staff 1000 (data) N1000 70 750MB *246*4*business number*22#
Staff 1000 (voice) N1000 150 *246*4*business number*21#
Staff CUG XS N1000 55 (national)
500 (CUG)
N/A *246*4*executive MSISDN*23#
free add ons: 5 business tips, 20 free SMS and zero rated access to the SME arena

The business 2000, business 5000, business 10000, staff 1000 (data) and staff 1000 (voice) are all valid for 30 days.

That’s it.

If you have any question about this new tariff bundle, please drop a question using the comment box below. I’d be glad to respond.

In the meantime, you can access more tariff packages below;

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  1. Great piece of writing but do you think anyone could migrate to the plan considering it specifically says business tariff plan?

  2. Business 2000 (voice)
    Price: N2000
    Minutes: 300
    Code: *246*4*26# (Q1) Please on dis plan can I call all network in Nigeria @ d rate of #6.67k per mins. (Q2) Is dis plan per second billing or per mins. Thanks

    • Yes, you can call all network in Naija. However, this plan isn’t charged on a per minute basis, it’s a bundle which gives you 300 minutes for 30 days. It’s left to you to finish it before expiration. I hope this satisfies your curiosity?

  3. People have been asking you how to opt out of the business place but you haven’t answered them. Rather you keep telling them to try another plan.

    I want to opt out of the 1000 business plan. Will you tell me how to?

  4. thanks for the information, please how do I stop the Business 1000 plan, i keep getting message to fund my account but am no more interested in it, please how do i cancel the plan?

  5. Thank you for the write-up. I would like to know more about 9mobile more business data plan. For instance, can it be shared? And how does one go about the sharing ?
    I thank you again. God bless you.

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