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Best Apps Like YouTube Vanced for Android in 2022

This article contains a list of advanced YouTube Apps like YouTube Vanced for Android Devices.

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Youtube Vanced has been discontinued and rather than worrying, we’re providing you with the best apps like Youtube Vanced for Android in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow.

Youtube Vanced is a third-party application that works just like YouTube Premium, with this app you can watch videos directly from YouTube without being disturbed by Ads. It blocks Ads from videos and makes streaming easy.

But after several cases with copyright issues, YouTube Vanced was cancelled but still, there are some YouTube Vanced alternatives out there. In today’s article, you’ll get to see a list of the best apps like YouTube Vanced for Android devices.

List of The Best Apps Like Youtube Vanced for Android

The best apps like YouTube Vanced that’ll be listed below all have similar features like YouTube Vanced and if you want to watch videos from YouTube without being disturbed by annoying ads and also download YouTube videos easily, these similar apps like YouTube Vanced are perfect for you.

1. Snaptube

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Snaptube App

Snaptube is a very popular app amongst Android users who want to use YouTube without disturbance, it’s a very powerful app with a lot of features that make watching videos on YouTube easy. This app is one of the best apps like Youtube Vanced. With Snaptube, you can watch YouTube videos without advertisements.

Snaptube is one of the best video downloader apps on Android, you can use it to convert videos to MP3, and it’s also good for converting SoundCloud to MP3. You can also download Snaptube for Windows 10. It’s one of the best apps out there that work like YouTube Vanced.

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2. NewPipe

best apps like Youtube Vanced

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NewPipe is an open-source app on Android, with a longer existence than YouTube Vanced, this app offers the ultimate feature to watch YouTube videos without being disturbed by advertisements, it has a nice interface and it’s known as the unofficial YouTube client and also one of the best alternatives to Youtube Vanced.

NewPipe has been around for a while now and it has a lot to offer, you can always use this app if you want to watch videos on Youtube without being disturbed.

3. SongTube

best apps like Youtube Vanced

YouTube offers video streaming and audio streaming services, while the audio streaming service from Youtube can be accessed via the YouTube Music app, SongTube makes it easy for anyone to listen to music on YouTube and that’s one of the features you’ll find on YouTube Vanced.

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Unlike other YouTube Vanced alternatives, Songtube offers ad-free streaming services so you never have to put up with those pesky ads again. You can only use SongTube to enjoy an ad-free music listening experience and it’s one of the best apps like YouTube Vanced.

4. SmartTubeNext


SmartTubeNext is another YouTube client that offers nothing but an advanced version of YouTube for free. On this app, you watch videos without advertisements and it doesn’t require any Google services before it can work. You can access YouTube videos without having to log in to your Google Account.

SmartTubeNext is very easy to use, it has a simple user interface and it’s one of the YouTube Vanced alternatives that you can download on your Android device. SmartTubeNext will let you watch videos live from YouTube for free without annoying advertisements.

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Still, looking for more apps that are similar to YouTube Vanced? Well, I wish more could be listed but most of the apps we see online that try to replicate YouTube Vanced features, most of them don’t work and won’t function properly.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us which of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives you enjoy using on your Android device.

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