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6 Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android and iOS (2021)

Do you want free karaoke from your smartphone? Here are the best karaoke applications that you can download on your Android and iOS phones for free.

This article contains the best Karaoke apps on Android and iOS. These free karaoke apps are accompanied by links to download them on your mobile devices.

Karaoke is a form of entertainment, originally from Japan, in which recordings of the music but not the words of popular songs are played so that people can sing the words themselves:

If you’ve previously sung from a karaoke place, now you don’t have to bother going anywhere, because you can karaoke directly from your smartphone. Having a karaoke application is quite entertaining as it helps create exciting moments with family and friends.

All you have to do is download the online karaoke app and plug-in an earphone or headset, then start singing. Various interesting features available in the karaoke application will provide an unforgettable singing experience.

Do you want free karaoke from your smartphone? These are the recommendations for the best karaoke applications that you can download on your Android and iOS phones. Check out the following Naijaknowhow recommendations below!

List of the Best Karaoke Applications on Android and iPhone

1. Smule

Smule Social Karaoke Singing
smule karaoke application (photo / googleplay)

Smule is one of the karaoke application that can be downloaded by mobile users on Android and iOS. You can karaoke alone or do a duet with people around the world via Smule.

Smule has a studio effect feature that makes your voice sound like a professional singer. You don’t need to be afraid of expression, because Smule offers video filters and mic effects that can autotune your voice.

You can karaoke with famous singers like Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo, and others. The collection of songs on Smule is also very complete, starting from Pop, Rock, Rap, to K-Pop.

‎Smule: Karaoke Singing App
‎Smule: Karaoke Singing App
Developer: Smule
Price: Free+

2. StarMaker

karaoke starmaker application (photo / googleplay)

You could also download the StarMaker karaoke application from Google Play or the App Store as an alternative to Smule. You can find all kinds of music genres at StarMaker, from Pop, R&B, Jazz to Dangdut (Indonesian).

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Karaoke using StarMaker, can make you a duet with a to of popular musicians from all over the world. StarMaker is equipped with a Pitch Correction feature to make your voice sound more melodious.

Not only that, but you can also give various effects and apply filters to make your presentation even more impressive. Best of all, you can go live or broadcast live, like the music concert of your dreams. Really exciting right?

3. WeSing

WeSing - Sing Karaoke and Free Videoke Recorder
Wesing karaoke application (photo / googleplay)

Another karaoke app that you shouldn’t miss is WeSing, this is because the song collection on this application is always updated every day. Uniquely, this application can connect fellow WeSing users to interact like social media in general. With WeSing, you can sing while recording your karaoke act over and over again until the results are satisfactory.

This application is also equipped with autotune features and various filters that make your performance and voice perfect like a famous singer. The “download” feature on the song, allows you to still be able to sing even without a quota.

Really cool, right? Hurry up and download the WeSing application from Google Play or the App Store.

App Store: Download WeSing

4. Yokee Karaoke

Yokee Karaoke - Sing Karaoke
yokee karaoke application (photo / googleplay)

Yokee’s karaoke app has the name “Karaoke” on Google Play and the App Store. Various music genres such as Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, French, Russian, to JPop are available at Yokee.

You can record karaoke output, both in video and audio form, then share them on social media. Unlike other karaoke apps, Yokee really provides a karaoke experience for free without any conditions. The reason is, Yokee uses a database of karaoke songs from YouTube. Lastly, you don’t need to spend credit to upgrade to a premium account, so you can sing the latest songs.

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‎Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs
‎Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs

5. The Voice

The Voice - Sing Karaoke
karaoke the voice application (photo / googleplay)

Feel the sensation of participating in a talent search just by karaoke using The Voice app. You can sing many songs, from the genre Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, to children’s songs.

You can also duet with singers from various countries, then record karaoke acts and provide cool sound and visual effects. Not only the latest and most popular songs, but you can also find opponent songs in the The Voice application, perfect for reminiscing.

If you are curious, just download The Voice application from Google Play and the App Store.

The Voice - Sing Karaoke
The Voice - Sing Karaoke
Developer: Yokee™
Price: Free+
‎The Voice - Sing Karaoke
‎The Voice - Sing Karaoke
Developer: Yokee Music
Price: Free+


joox music

Even though it is known as a music player application, you can actually use JOOX Music for karaoke. JOOX has a Quick Sing feature that you can use to sing while recording in video or audio form.

You can also customize the song section and duration of the karaoke song you want to sing. Not only that, but you can also edit video or audio by adding filters, stickers, and voice tuning. Don’t forget to save your karaoke recordings and share them with other JOOX users or share them on social media.

Really exciting right? Come on, download JOOX from Google Play or the App Store.

JOOX Music
JOOX Music
Price: To be announced
‎JOOX Music
‎JOOX Music
Price: Free+


Well, that’s a list of the best karaoke apps that you can download for free from your phone. Now you can karaoke anytime and anywhere!

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