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5 Best Podcast Recording Apps (Android and iPhone)

Here are some of the best podcast recording apps that can be downloaded for free on your Android and iOS smartphones. Learn more!

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Contained in this article are some of the best podcast recording apps that can be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

Lately, the popularity of podcasts is increasingly loved, especially among millennials and Gen Z.

You yourself are among those who like to listen to podcasts to fill spare time.

Well, the term ‘podcast’ comes from the words iPod and Broadcasting. Yes, initially the podcast is a voice recording (audio) on an iPod.

However, recording podcasts can now be done on various devices, such as laptops and smartphones.

Now, everyone can listen to podcasts anywhere and anytime. In fact, many also create their own podcasts with recording applications on smartphones.

Here are some of the best podcast recording applications that can be downloaded for free on a smartphone:

5 Recording Application for Creating Podcasts on Smartphones

1. Anchor

Anchor podcast recording application (

One of the best free podcast recording apps that must be tried is Anchor. Here, users can listen, create their own podcasts, and publish them.

Anchor provides a variety of interesting features, one of which is the editing feature. So, after recording a sound, you can edit the recording.

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There are also transition features, background tasks, sound effects, voice mail import, and group chat.

Anchor - Make your own podcast
Anchor - Make your own podcast

Developer: Spotify Ltd.
Price: Free

2. Podbean

Podbean free podcast recording app (

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Podbean is a podcast recording application that is easy to use and suitable for novice podcasters.

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With the Podbean application, you can create podcasts directly from your own smartphone. Cool right?

In addition to recording, the Podbean application allows you to edit sound recordings, cut and merge several audio files.

In fact, you can also add the desired background music or sound.

3. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts
The best podcast recording application (

Google Podcasts is an application from Google that makes it easy for you to create your own podcasts.

The appearance of this application is very simple and user friendly. Moreover, there is a complete podcast library. So, you can download and listen to any podcast from all users in the world.

Interested? You can simply download the Google Podcasts application on your Google Play Store.

‎Google Podcasts
‎Google Podcasts
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4. Spotify


For music lovers, you must be familiar with Spotify.

Well, this music streaming application turns out you can use to create and broadcast your own podcast.

You can also listen to lots of interesting podcasts on Spotify. This application can be downloaded for free, but you will be a little disturbed by advertisements.

‎Spotify: Music and Podcasts
‎Spotify: Music and Podcasts

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5. Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio
Spreaker Studio podcast recording application (

Next, there is a quality podcast recording application that is recommended for you to try, namely Spreaker Studio.

After recording podcast content, you can broadcast it live or share content on social media directly.

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Podcast recordings with Spreaker Studio can be more interesting because there are track features and sound effects.

‎Podcast Studio by Spreaker
‎Podcast Studio by Spreaker


With the list terminated at just five (5), with each app coming with its own special feature, I hope you should be able to pick one of the podcast recording apps of your choice. These apps can help you in getting started in your journey to being a professional podcaster.

Don’t hesitate to like and follow us on social media. The comment box is open for more podcast recording app recommendations, they have to be ones you have personally tried and had worked effectively.

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