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How to Connect Samsung Phone to PC (3 methods) in 2023

Here's a guide to connect Samsung phones to PC with 3 easy methods you can follow.

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Trying to connect Samsung Phone to a PC can sometimes be stressful especially if you have no ADB driver installed on your Windows or Mac PC that’ll detect not just Samsung devices but also any Android devices you connect to your PC.

While this article is just for Samsung phones only, I can assure you with the methods and steps you’ll go through, even if you plug a different Android device into your PC, it will be detected and you can now transfer from your phone to your PC.

In today’s article on NaijaKnowHow, I’ll walk you through 3 simple methods that you can use to connect a Samsung phone to a PC without stress.

3 Methods to Connect Samsung Phone to PC

These methods are very easy and while some require a wired procedure, you can do the rest wirelessly from your Samsung to your PC.

Method 1: Connect Samsung To PC via MTP

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This method requires you should have at least a USB cable around. MTP means (Media Transfer Protocol) and that’s one of the fastest ways a Samsung device can be connected to a PC, follow the steps below to know how you can connect your Samsung device to a PC via MTP.

Steps To Connect Samsung Phone to PC via MTP

  1. The first thing you need to do is power up your PC, then once done. Connect your Samsung device to your PC while using your USB Cable.
  2. Once the cable has been connected to the PC and you receive a prompt message that indicated you connected your phone to a PC, swipe down your Samsung device notification bar and change the USB option from USB Charging Transfer Files.
  3. Now go to your PC and check if your Samsung device has been connected successfully. Go to This PC and check for connected devices.
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Method 2: How to Connect Samsung Phone to PC Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection is another way you can connect one or more devices together and being a wireless connection mode, you’ll be able to share files faster from the sending device to the receiving device. It’s another way you can use to connect your Samsung phone to your PC.

If your PC has the Bluetooth option and you want to connect your Samsung device to it, you need to follow the simple steps below to get started.

  1. You’ll need to turn on Bluetooth on your Windows PC. To get started with that, press the Start button (Windows Button) > Then click on Settings > Then also click on Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Once the Bluetooth is on, click on Add a Device, then select Bluetooth. Your PC will start searching for available devices.
  3. Now go to your Samsung device Settings > Connections > Then click on Bluetooth > Tap the toggle to switch it on.
  4. Now go back to your PC and scan for Bluetooth device again, once your Samsung has been discovered, click on the pair button to pair both devices together. Then you’re good to go.

Method 3: Using Samsung Kies for PC

Just like Huawei Suite for PC, Samsung Kies is a Samsung PC suite that’ll let you connect your Samsung devices to your PC without any stress. With this software, you can manage your Samsung files, contacts, music and so on easily on your Computer, follow the steps below to know how to connect your Samsung phone to your PC via Samsung Kies.

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Steps To Connect Samsung Phone to PC with Samsung Kies

  • You’ll need to download and install Samsung Kies on your PC, once done. Launch the software and connect your Samsung phone to your PC via your USB cable.
  • Once you’ve connected your phone, change your USB connection to File Transfer or MTP mode on your Samsung device, then wait for the Samsung Kies to detect your device automatically.
  • Once your device has been detected, you can now transfer files between your Samsung phone and your PC.


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That’s all on how to connect a Samsung phone to a PC. The methods are very simple and straightforward, if followed properly, you’ll be able to connect your Samsung devices with any PC or any Android device on your PC.

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