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UBA Mobile Banking App APK | Download Latest Version (for Android, iOS & BB10)

Gratefully, the UBA mobile banking app is so important thta app was made available on all mobile platforms. This means, whichever kind of smartphone you are using, you can get this app on it. I have taken time to provide a list of the download links for all the major mobile platforms below.

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With the level of technology in the world, life has become easy and the internet has brought everything that is usually many miles away from our immediate reach. One of the comforts offered by technology comes in the area of banking. Now, going to your bank is something you hardly need to do.

The stress and some of our time have been saved by the mobile apps rolled out by Nigerian banks to ease transaction with their customers. Of the prominent banks in Nigeria is United Bank Of Africa (UBA) and they have equally stepped into the game. Their mobile banking app allows their customers to carry out all necessary transactions with the bank right from their mobile smartphone.

Advantages Of Using The UBA Mobile Banking App

UBA Mobile Banking App

The UBA mobile banking app has made transactions with the bank as easy as it never was. Imagine being able to purchase airtime, transfer airtime and money, pay hotel bills and flight bookings right from your comfort zone in just a few minutes.

The UBA mobile banking app virtually helps you take care of all transactions you are to carry out in the banking hall from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Below is the round down on the important features of the app.

  • With this app, you can transfer money from your bank account to UBA and other bank’s accounts of family members and friends.
  • Payment of utility bills cannot be any easier. You can pay for water, electricity, cable (Dstv, GoTv, Startimes etc) bills, all at a go.
  • Airtime purchase to any network of your choice. You can buy airtime from your account to recharge for yourself or any other person regardless of which network provider you or they, are using.
  • Account management has become extremely easy. From the comfort of your home and at any hour of the time, you can oversee your account activities such as viewing account balance and checking on previous transactions.
  • Just like all mobile apps, mobility and convenience of using an app to perform your transaction is something that cannot be ruled out.
  • Other exceptional features of the app include bio-metric option for quick login on supported devices, sliding menu for faster navigation, auto-reminder for bill payment and transfers, customer support service via Live chat and an impressive ATM/branch locator feature.
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Terms Of Using The U Mobile App

To use the app, there are no additional deductions or transaction fees as in the case of using USSD. You can do airtime top-up, request cheque book, stop or confirm cheque, balance enquiry and other cool stuff without paying a dime. All you need is a stable internet connection.

How To Download The U-Mobile Banking App

Gratefully, the app was made available on all mobile platforms. This means, whichever kind of smartphone you are using, you can get this app on it. I have taken time to provide a list of the download links for all the major mobile platforms below.

The UBA Mobile Banking App Registration And Activation Process

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As a UBA customer, to register for the UBA mobile banking app with your active account or debit card is no big deal.

All you need to do is send an SMS with “UMOBILE” to “220220”, you will be prompted to agree to their terms and conditions, please do. Then, select “register with prepaid card” or “register with account Number”. A PIN will be generated automatically and sent to your phone.


I prefer and suggest using mobile banking as it is convenient, has more transaction options and incurs no charges like the USSD (Instant banking). But make sure your internet connection is reliable.

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