iPhone 11 Predicted To Beat Laptop’s General Performance


Although it is still far from the estimated launch time next September, the iPhone 2019 is predicted to have much faster performance than the previous model.

Jason Cross, a writer from MacWorld, said that the ability of the iPhone 2019 could be better than a laptop. According to him, the performance was obtained from the use of the A13 chip which will be embedded in the latest iPhone.

Although not much information is known from the A13 chip, Cross suspects that this chip will still be made with 7nm fabrication, similar to the previous chip.

However, with the technology of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV), this chip can hold 20 percent more circuits in the same area.

Then if the size is enlarged, according to Cross, this A13 chip will be similar to the chip used on the iPad Pro.

“While I expect the A13 to have nearly the same transistor count as the A12X, I don’t think Apple will spend its transistor budget the same way; doubling up the high-power CPU cores from 2 to 4,” Jason said.

“Rather, I suspect Apple will continue to have two high-performance CPU cores and four energy-efficient cores, with an outside chance of increasing the high-performance core count from 2 to 3.” he continued.

In addition, Cross also predicts Apple will make some architectural adjustments and better clock speeds to boost CPU performance.

As a result, with this configuration, he predicted CPU testing numbers for the single-core iPhone 2019 could reach around 5,200 points. The figure is even close to the results of testing the 2018 MacBook Pro with 5,317 points.

While for the results of multi-core testing, the 2019 iPhone is predicted to get as many as 15,000 to 16,000 points.

Cross also considers that the A13 chip will be faster than the latest Qualcomm chip, Snapdragon 855.


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