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MTN Pulse Night Plan Value Slashed (See New Bundle)

News reaching me from MTN is not a good one. MTN today sent out a broadcast about their new night tariff plans. See details below...

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Browsing is an important piece of our everyday life and knowing fully well that internet plans are quite expensive, a lot have opted to browse smartly by activating the MTN Pulse night plan that allows you to browse during the late hours of the day!

News reaching me from MTN is not a good one. MTN today sent out a broadcast about their new night tariff plans.

Here is what they said:

“Y’ello! when you buy the Pulse Night plan at N25 from 16/08/18 you now get 125MB (250MB). You also get 250MB (500MB) for N50 and can make multiple purchases. Dial *406# to buy”

mtn pulse night plan slashed

For those who don’t understand what this message means, here is a simple explanation:

MTN N25 for 500MB has been modified to give 250MB and a new N50 naira plan has been added. Also, these new night plans can be done multiple times through the night!

For those who are completely new, you can check out this post on how to activate the MTN night plans!

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Now that MTN leads the way having modified their night plan, do you think Airtel 25 naira night bundle will follow the same path? But truth be told, this is not good for those who have been into this package since inception.

What do you think about this new plans, fair or trash… will you abandon it for Airtel? Share thoughts using the comment section below?

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  1. Mtn has block the only advantage they have for people, it really pain me alot, well I will go and get etisalat or airtel sim and even advise all my family to leave mtn, because they are wicked, what is my value for using mtn mhtwweeeeew

  2. Jesus man! Na wa o I just tried to do the usual subscription & I saw a totally different thing. Funny enough I had a feeling it could be a system error cuz I read the sentences again & again & then discovered something ; Fair usage policy ‘appies’ instead of ‘applies’. I went ahead & clicked on the 1st one which is 150mb @N25,hoping to confirm the whole thing when I get the subscription message. Now their system even went & selected the 2nd one that I never opted for,which is 250mb @N50 (I have 2sims & the same thing happened on the both). It’s a typical bullshit to me. Now I just decided to search for any news/update on the new changes cuz it was just two days ago that I did the last night plan,& here I am. Anyway I’ve just read that Airtel have the exact plan,& that they even have 1.5gb @N50. Gon have to get their sim asap & then pray they don’t resort to the same thing,as usual. Absofreakinglutely disappointing

    • As in ehn… e pain me join. but for your infor… Airtel 1.5gb night plan is N200, not N50, it was reviewed a long time ago. Although, they have the normal 25 for 500mb plan and it’s still working. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I know their massive loan acquisition from 12 banks will have some impact in one or two of their data plans. But they could at least make 25 Naira for 250 MB NOT a measly 125MB. Back solely on Airtel.

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