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Best Android Emulators for 4GB RAM PC (Windows & Mac) in 2022

Here's an article that contains a list of the best Android emulators you can download on a Windows and Mac PC for free.

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You’re probably tired of a lagging emulator and you need good Android emulators for a 4GB RAM PC, we have them listed in this article you’re reading on NaijaKnowHow.

If we look at the existence of Android emulators on PC, we will see that there are different emulators out there and while some of these emulators require a high-end PC with nothing less than 8GB RAM, emulators like that will perform poorly on a 4GB RAM PC.

But rather than feeling worried, we’ve decided to list out the best Android emulators for 4GB RAM PC and these are emulators you can use on your Windows and Mac PC.

List of The Best Android Emulators for 4GB RAM PC

If you have a 4GB RAM PC and you want to use any known Android emulators like Bluestacks and so on, we’ve listed the best below and some of them are also good emulators for low-end PC.

1. Nox Player

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Nox - Emulator for 4GB RAM PC

Nox Player is a highly capable, stable and customizable emulator with great support. It has the best compatibility with games and apps. Nox App Player is lightweight, fast and responsive without lag or stutter; it is powerful enough to handle the most demanding games on your PC and that’s why it’s one of the best Android emulators for 4GB RAM PC.

And you don’t need to root your device to use it. In case you come across any bugs, Nox provides developers with detailed information so they can fix them quickly. As an android emulator for pc which runs on both platforms (Windows and Mac) platform at the same time, Nox App Player enables you to enjoy an immersive Android experience from within your favourite desktop environment at home or in the office.

2. MeMu Play

MeMu Play - Emulators for 4GB RAM PC

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Memu App Player provides an easy-to-use interface and quick load times, and it works across multiple devices to let you run your apps seamlessly. It offers quick app switching with tab previews, advanced memory and CPU controls as well as a mouse support mode to make it easier to handle complex apps.

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You can also download ROMs from the in-app browser and save games for quick loading. The player includes both landscape and portrait modes, customizable skins, and voice input so you can play without touching the screen. Memu App Player is compatible with Windows XP or later operating systems and with no doubt, it’s one of the best Android emulators for 4GB RAM.

3. KoPlayer

KoPlayer Emulator

KoPlayer is the only Android emulator that requires no installation to run and can be downloaded as a desktop app. Furthermore, the emulator offers features like ad blocking, in-app volume control, floating window mode, gesture recognition as well as others. It also supports both ARM and Intel processors and has been able to run 99% of all apps available in Google Play with at least two cores. For these reasons and more KoPlayer earns its spot on this list.

4. Droid4X

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Droid4X Emulator

Droid4X is one of the best emulators Android emulators for 4GB RAM PC due to its high performance, user-friendly interface and multi-touch support. Droid4X also offers support for an external keyboard and mouse as well as Xbox 360 controller. Other features include the ability to change the virtual system’s resolution, back up ROMs to the PC folder, manage ZIP files directly from the app, take screenshots and many more. In short, it’s a powerful android emulator.

5. Andy OS

Andy OS Emulator

Andy OS is one of the best free and open-source Android emulators for Windows. You can run this emulator to enjoy running any popular Android apps on your PC. The Andy OS was first developed by a Norwegian company, which also has its own logo on the front page of this app.

Apart from being compatible with almost all versions of Windows, it has some other useful features like wide device support which allows you to enjoy games from various phones and tablets. Andy OS is best for running small-scale Android apps and games and that’s why it’s one of the best Android emulators for 4GB RAM PC.

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6. Genymotion

Genymotion for PC

Most people are probably familiar with the majority of popular Android emulators out there, but what if you’re not? What if you’re looking for an emulator that’s a little more high-quality, but not as well-known? Maybe Genymotion is what you’re looking for. Genymotion is a simple Android emulator that works well on PC with as low as 4GB RAM, it’s free and also very easy to use.

You can visit Genymotion website if you want to download their emulator on your Android device, the emulator handles old Android apps and games perfectly and that’s why it’s one of the best Android emulators for 4GB RAM PC.

7. Gameloop

Gameloop - Emulator for 4GB RAM PC

Another Android emulator to consider is Gameloop and if you haven’t come across this emulator, you’re missing out a lot. Gameloop is arguably the only Android emulator you can use to play high-end Android games on a PC with 4GB RAM. Gameloop was formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy and it’s one of the best emulators to play Android games.

Gameloop works perfectly on a PC with 4GB RAM, it doesn’t lag and it’s an emulator with a lot of features, if you’re looking for the best Android emulators for a 4GB RAM PC, then you should install Gameloop on your Windows and Mac PC.


With the list of the best Android emulators for 4GB RAM PC, it should be very easy for you to pick an emulator and download it on your PC. Don’t forget to share this article and also leave a comment below.

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