How to Block Access Bank ATM Card if Stolen or Missing

This article explains what you should do when your bank credit or debit card (also known as ATM card) get's missing or stolen. I will share with you steps on how to block your Access bank ATM card if stolen or missing.

how to block access bank atm card

If you’ve landed here because of a stolen or missing ATM, I will have to say… sorry about the card but what you’re about to read is very important if you care about the money in your account. This article explains what you should do when your bank credit or debit card (also known as ATM card) gets missing or stolen. I will share with you steps on how to block Access bank ATM card if stolen or missing.

In the advent of a missing, damaged or stolen ATM card, there are certain steps you must follow right away before you apply for a replacement. These steps should prevent unwanted card usage from unauthorised persons.

Let’s get right underway!


Here are steps to follow when you lose your Access bank ATM card in Nigeria.

1. Contact Access bank immediately

Instead of visiting your bank branch, obviously, the fastest way to block ATM card is contacting the bank via their social media accounts or phone number.

In case you misplaced or lost your Access Bank ATM card (Verve, Visa or Master card), here are all Access Bank contact details to apply for blocking of lost ATM card;

You will find social media accounts, telephone numbers, email, website etc below;

Access Bank Contact Info.

Telephone numbers
  • +234 1- 2712005-7 (For card queries)
  • +234 1 280 2500
  • +234 1 733 2000
  • 0700CALLACCESS (0700 22552 22377)
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Twitter: (for complaints)

Alternatively, you can quickly block your Access bank ATM card directly from your AccessBank mobile app on Android and iOS. All you need to do is:

Open the app >> Navigate to Cards & Cheques >> Manage Cards >> Block (Choose account to block) >> Enter PIN/Token >> Block Card

2. Transfer funds right away

If you have another bank account, why not transfer the fund from your bank (with missing ATM) to another bank account that you own?

Don’t waste your time going to your bank branch to get your funds transferred, you can use the bank USSD method of transferring money, this is faster and less stressful.

3. Apply for a new Access bank ATM card

Apply for a new card as fast as possible, since you know how important the ATM card is. When you contact the bank to block ATM card (lost card), make sure you also apply for a new ATM card to carry out easy banking transactions afterwards. This can only be done by going to the nearest Access bank.

4. Unlink online banking information

Don’t forget to unlink your lost ATM card from all online payment system you’ve linked it with. This measure is important to ensure you have nothing to do with the old card while you await your new ATM.

For example, if I have linked my Access card with PayPal, it’s necessary that I unlink it and add the new card to avoid errors when purchasing or making payment with them.

So there you go, if what you are searching for isn’t Access bank, then check out this article How To Block ATM Card In Nigeria [All banks]! I hope this article helps you understand how to quickly block your Access bank credit/debit card. Have fun, cheers!

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