How To Conserve Your Phone Battery Life To Make It Last

To avoid unexpected shutdown without prior notification is not so difficult as you think, there are certain tips and know-how guide that helped me prevent my phone battery from draining so quick, here they are.


4. Kill running apps

I’m guilty of this, though I’ve been trying to adapt.

Sometimes, I run more than 20 apps concurrently, at a point, I notice my phone acting up, hanging and sometimes, would require rebooting or killing all opened apps for it to work well.

This particular problem is peculiar to low RAM phones.

What I didn’t know was…

These opened apps were secretly consuming my battery, data and RAM.

The official Facebook app is one of the biggest culprits, I had to write a post on how to manage your phone when Facebook is constantly eating up your RAM.

Not just Facebook, there are other apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, BBM and more than occupies the phone RAM.

Bear in mind that, any app that occupies a large chunk of your RAM, will most likely top the list of battery killers on your device, so KILL IT!

Smartphones OS have become smarter. In fact, you can set your device to automatically kill applications when in sleep mode.

Next up:

5. Keep it cool

smartphone overheating

Not only human needs Air Conditioners, Fans, coolers and other types of cooling devices, even your gadgets needs them.

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Let’s use humans as an example here, imagine you’re stuck in a bus heavily crowded, what you do next is to get a bottle of chilled coke for the purpose of refreshing your energy.

Why chilled coke?

Why not something more hot like a hot coffee.

Perhaps, you can just do the same for your device. I’m not saying you should feed your smartphones with coke, but to expose them to cool environments when they overheat!

The only way to control overheating on your smartphones is to keep them cool at all time. Also, make sure you are not concurrently running RAM consuming applications like heavy games, applications etc.

6. Unsynchronized autostart apps


Apps powered by Google are set to sync automatically, other pre-installed or manually installed apps also use up your battery power when left.

It’s not advisable to unsynchronized all features of your Google account but certain features such as calendar, keep, drive, etc can be unsynced, they are not constantly used apps.

To locate this feature, go to settings » account » select google » turn off irrelevant apps sync.

7. Use original chargers

Our country Nigeria is a market for inferior products, there is no standardization on the quality of tech products we use in this part of the continent.

More than 60% of Nigerian use one or more fake goods, especially in the aspect of gadgets.

Have you noticed the differential effects when you charge your phone with a fake charger and when you use recommended phone charger? It drains up twice as fast on fake compared to when it’s charged with an original charger.

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A lot of people opts for fake mobile chargers to charge their phones instead of settling with a much quality one, even after I’ve spotted ways to differentiate an original USB cable from a fake one.

These inferior chargers only put your phone in a state of hullaballoo.

If you’re a big fan of N200 chargers, just be ready to replace your battery in no time.


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