How To Conserve Your Phone Battery Life To Make It Last

To avoid unexpected shutdown without prior notification is not so difficult as you think, there are certain tips and know-how guide that helped me prevent my phone battery from draining so quick, here they are.


8. Turn off unnecessary notifications

phone notifications

It seems like almost all applications today require internet for information updates. When incoming notifications keep your smartphone screen on, this will consume energy.

You may not want to turn off notifications for some specific apps such as latest text messages or missed calls.

But turning off the excessive notifications will surely help your smartphone battery last a little longer.

9. Minimalize playing games and listening to music

leagoo t5c performance

Playing games and listening to music on your smartphones may be able to drain battery juice.

So it’s good to refrain from accessing thirsty battery-powered entertainment like games or certain apps on your smartphones.

10. Turn off the smartphone when not needed

turn off smartphone

Not every time you receive or make a call. For example, when driving, when sleeping etc.

There are moments when you just don’t need your device to be turned on. There is no harm in turning off the smartphone to save the battery. Alternatively, just turn on Airplane mode!

11. Get a reserve or a power bank

No matter how much time you post, share or distribute this write-up, some people will just stick to their gadget way of life.

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This category of people is what I usually call “Extreme Cases”. You can still have to beg them to do the right thing. Anyway, you can always get a reserve battery or a power bank to serve as a backup in extreme cases of failure.

Where can I get affordable power banks online?

You can always check out the best power and most affordable power banks on…

In conclusion:

Conserving your phone’s battery life shouldn’t be a problem for those that are obsessed with their smartphones. People like me had learnt to manage and conserve my phone’s battery life, despite the fact that I’m using a phone with over 4000mAh battery capacity.

The tips listed above is one of the best how-to guides if you are looking to conserve your phone battery life to make it last longer.

Though, you can use the comment box below to share with us other useful tips you have used to make your phone’s battery last longer.

Always live smart and not stupid. And remember to share this post with someone who constantly complains about battery life.

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