Samsung’s Twitter Account Promotes Samsung Galaxy Note 9 From an iPhone

One of the biggest mishaps occurred recently when Samsung promoted its latest flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through an iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In this current dispensation of smartphone battles, Samsung and Apple are at the very top. It’s more or less like the Lannisters versus Khaleesi, the mother of Dragons in the Game of Thrones. It’s always a fierce battle. In this light, they both release top-notch smartphones that raise the bar every time. One of the biggest mishaps occurred recently when Samsung promoted its latest flagship smartphone through an iPhone.

This occurred on Twitter via a Nigerian Samsung Mobile page (@Samsungmobileng). The promotional message for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was seen to have the “Twitter for iPhone” watermark. The prying eyes of Twitter verified tech geek Marques Brownlee was the quickest to notice the blunder.

He was swift to take a screenshot before the corresponding Twitter account dealt with the erroneous tweet. In dealing with the embarrassment, both the tweet and the account were deleted from Twitter.


Funny enough, this isn’t the first time it’s happening on a Samsung-owned Twitter handle. Something similar happened when Samsung Saudi Arabia accidentally promoted the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 through an iPhone on Twitter.

It’s standard practice for Samsung to make use of brand ambassadors to create awareness for its new premium devices on a global scale. In time past, some of these ambassadors have been found to breach the contract.

And how is that? They use phones from other manufacturers in public places & even get caught in the act. The intriguing part is, the phones are none other than Apple iPhones. Not too long ago, a Russian presenter and politician, Ksenia Sobchak was rumoured to be sued with $1.6 million for using an iPhone X on a TV show. The list goes on and on.

Although Samsung edges Apple regarding global market share, however, the authority Apple dictates through its iPhones’ success can’t be undermined. That’s why incidence such as this and many more are likely to occur. One fact cannot be ignored: Apple’s got more class & premium taste sic more preference.

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