Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan & Migration Code

This post contains how to migrate to Airtel SmartConnect call tariff plan. See subscription code & terms of usage in Nigeria


Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan | This post contains how to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect call tariff plan. See subscription code and terms of usage.

Airtel has a plan that gives its prepaid users bonus upon recharging their lines. This tariff plan is different from all other ones featured on the cheapest airtel call tariff plan post I wrote, do check it out.

Back to Airtel SmartConnect, here are the bonus recharge benefits you stand to enjoy when on this plan. (I wrote a post containing all prepaid tariff plans that offer bonuses when you load airtime, why not check it out?)

If you migrate to Airtel Smart Connect, you should be opened to…

  • 200% bonus on all recharges of ₦200 and above.
  • 15MB weekly free data on recharges from N200,
  • ₦300 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharges of N200 and above.
  • 7 Hours of Airtel Night Call between 11 pm and 6 am at 11k/sec.


RechargeN100N200N300N500N 1,000
Main Account creditN100N200N 300N 500N 1,000
Bonus Credit – VoiceN250N500N750N1,250N2,500
Bonus Credit – DataN250N500N750N1,250N2,500
Bonus Credit – Family & FriendsN100N200N300N500N1,000
Bonus Credit – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & BBMN100N200N300N500N1,000
Total CreditN 800N 1,600N 2,400N 4,000N 8,000
Bonus is valid for 7 days; Main Account Credit DOES NOT EXPIRE

Smart Connect Call Rates

Main Account:

  • Airtel to All Local Networks & Top 5 International Destinations: 50 kobo/sec
  • SMS to all Local Networks: N4/SMS
  • International SMS: N15/SMS
  • Data: 5 kobo/KB

*Top 5 International destinations are: USA, Canada, China, India, UK Fixed

Bonus Calls:

  • Airtel to All Local Networks: 60 kobo/sec
  • Family and Friends Calls: 40 kobo/sec
  • Bonus Data: N7/MB
  • Social Data Bonus: N7/MB

Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan & Migration Code

airtel-logo.pngHow To Migrate To SMARTCONNET

  • This product is available to all new prepaid Airtel Customers. Just buy and activate a new prepaid Airtel SIM.

How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on SmartConnect call plan?

Let’s do the calculations (Airtel to All Local Networks):

  • Main account + Bonus credit: N100 + N250 Naira = N350
  • N0.60kobo X 60 seconds = N36.00 Naira
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N350/N36 ≅  9 minutes 43 seconds

Let’s do the calculations (Family and Friends Call):

  • Main account + F & F Bonus credit: N100 + N100 Naira = N200
  • N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N200/N24 ≅ 8 minutes 20 seconds

Have you seen the SmartVALUE plan, it gives you 15k/seconds (No first call access charge) and SmartTrybe junior plan?

If you’ve tried the SmartConnect plan, kindly share with us your experience with the above plan.

Before you go, I believe you’d LOVE to check out;

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