How To Transfer Money From Keystone Bank To Other Banks On Mobile USSD Code

Keystone Bank Transfer Code: This post conatins USSD Code to transfer money from Keystone Bank to other banks on your mobile device in Nigeria


Keystone mobile money transfer | This post contains USSD Code to transfer money from Keystone Bank to other banks on your mobile device with or without internet.

There is nothing stopping you from doing a money transfer from Keystone Bank to other banks on your mobile device. You can carry out this transaction anywhere and at any time convenient for you.

Keystone Bank now supports a direct mobile transfer of funds on your mobile device, it works on all mobile device (Android, iOS, Feature phone etc) with or without internet, all you need to do is to enter the USSD code on the number registered with your Keystone account.

With this code you can do an;

  • Intra-bank transfer (send money to another Keystone bank users) and..
  • Inter-bank transfer (send money to other bank users)

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USSD Code To Transfer Money From Keystone Bank To Other Banks Via Mobile

Keystone Bank USSD Money Transfer Code

To transfer money from Keystone bank to another bank, follow the steps below;

  • From the phone number registered on your account, dial *322*082# and follow the prompts to complete a transaction.

UPDATE: (According to Keystone Bank) Presently, USSD transaction codes have been incorporated into the Keystone Mobile banking service. Please visit the Android, Blackberry or Apple app stores, search for and download the Keystone M-banking app. Install the app by supplying the required details and begin transactions on your account instantly. Regards.

That’s it, we are in the mobile era, a simple USSD code can do an inter or intra money transfer… So, work smart, work fast! Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Plas am in Schl can nt visit keystone bk bcus is far from ma Schl, hve be trying to transfer money from ma keystone acct for the past one month nw it has be going plas someone should help me, am use to *533*amount # is going for me again or hve they change their code?

  2. Could it really be the code *322*082# as it’s been designed by keystone bank for mobile transfer transaction by it customer? Noting is working, the code is not yielding the desired result.
    The bank should find a way to addressing this problem, it gives bad or negative impression on the bank poor services.

  3. Sincerely speaking keystone bank is worst.. Having same issue after using the USSD code and at the end of everything I still get an error msg..

  4. They really should improve their services because its a list of endless complaint when it comes to keystone. I cant conduct any transaction with the mobile app and i keep getting an error message with the ussd code.

  5. Keystone should be dislisted among banks in nigeria ……. I have change like four phones because of mobile bank app …..still not working …….what a nothing bank

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