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MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat & NTel Cheapest Data Plan For Android, PC, iOS etc | October 2016

Get cheap MTN plan, cheap Etisalat plan, cheap Glo plan, cheap Airtel plan, and cheap NTel plan for the month of October.

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Hello there, happy new month, happy weekend and happy Independence day to you all. Am here again to share the cheapest data plan for Android, PC, iOS, windows and more for the month of October.

Happy independence day in Nigeria

It’s a standard procedure here on NaijaKnowHow to share the best internet plans at the dawn of every new month, this contents is aimed at helping you choose the right plan for your device, not just right but also perfect.

Cheapest Data Plan For Android, PC, iOS etc | October 2016

Airtel data plans


I will start off with Airtel, here are the best data plan on Airtel,

1. Airtel 3GB Blackberry Plan On Android

MTK Android users have always been the better side of Android usage in Nigeria, why? Thus is because MTK Android phones can be easily tweaked, unlike the Samsung’s, LG and the likes, this plan gives you leverage to use a whopping 3GB for N1000 on IMEI tweaked Android phones. Click here to get started.

2. N25 500MB Night Plan

This is a perfect plan to relieve the pressure on your regular plan, this night plan is suitable for anyone using SmartTRYBE prepaid plan on Airtel. You can get 500MB for N25, isn’t that cheap? Also, you can get 1.5Gb for N200 on the same package. Works well on all device. Click here to get started.

3. Airtel 2G Plan

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Don’t forget that there is still Airtel 2G plan, this one is suitable for people who wants to browse with certain basic apps. This plan isn’t the fastest of internet plans but a “slow and steady” kinda thing. Works basically on 2G broadband, gives you a whopping data of 2GB for N200 & more. Click here to get started.

4. Airtel 6GB for N1500

I don’t want to add this plan because of certain reasons I shared here, but i just have to. This plan is purported to give you 6GB with only N1500, it works perfectly on all device. But be sure to have read what I’ve shared before subscribing to this plan. You may click here to get started.

ETISALAT data plans


All Etisalat plan is very fast, streaming and downloading is top-notch, there’s certainly no panic if you’re on the Etisalat network. Your browsing experience will never remain the same. Let’s take a look at some cheap plans on Etisalat below.

1. Social Plan

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Social Plan gives you unlimited access to all the social media platforms you can think of, if you’re looking for an affordable plan basically giving you access to these social apps, then you’re in the place. With this plan, you can now enjoy unlimited access to Instagram, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for half the price @N150, valid for one (1) week.

  • To subscribe: Recharge N150 and dial *343*6*10#

2. 500MB for N500 & 1.5GB for N1000

This is a normal plan that is usable across all device; Android, iOS, modern, Mifi, PC or Windows phone. It has a validity of 30 days, and beat for those that intends to stay within the social network. 500MB or 1.5GB is not supposed to be enough, but there are sure ways in which you can manage your data on Android to make it last longer.

  • To subscribe for 500MB: Recharge N500 and dial *229*2*12#
  • To subscribe for 1.5GB: Recharge N1000 and dial *229*2*7#

3. Etisalat Night & Weekend Plan

It was designed to give you confidence browsing all your favourite sites, updating app and downloading all you want through night or/and weekend. No more fear of data exhaustion without prior notice, you can now save your normal internet plan and use this as a cover at night. You can get 1GB for N200 & more. Click here to get started.

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Glo data plans


Amazing how Glo slashed its data plans before the end of September, there’s nothing more i can say, Glo have the collection of the best and cheapest data plans among all Internet providers in Nigeria. They have no match, however, some regions have bitterly complained about their bad network reception. On a serious note, If they could get this fixed, they will surely stand out as the best data providers in Nigeria. Let’s have a look at their plans below…

1. Glo 3GB for N1400 | BB Plan On Android

Similar to Airtel blackberry plan on Android, here you can enjoy 3GB data on Android via tweaking your MTK Android phone IMEI. Requires simple steps and this trick works only on MTK Android device such TECNO, Infinix, Innjoo etc. Click here to get started.

2. New Affordable Glo Data Plans

Like I said Glo newly changed the data size of some of its data plans. Now you can get bigger data for the same price, one of the plans edited was 3GB plan for 1k, now, you can get 3.2GB for the same price. There isn’t much to say here, to checkout all other plans, you can see for yourself right on this article.

3. Glo Night + Weekend Plan

Just like Airtel and Etisalat, Glo is also providing cheap data plans for night and weekend. It is now left for you to pick the most suitable plan for you depending on network speed. Glo Data Plans for weekend and night is very cheap and also good on all device. Click here to get started.

MTN data plans


MTN, everywhere you go!!! First and the most controversial, there have been mix of good and bad news this week.

The Good: MTN 4G LTE service have kicked off and you can exchange your old 3G Sims for the new 4G LTE Sim cards.

The Bad: Earlier this week, there was an upspring of a 20GB cheat that appeared to be a controversial way MTN tricked us to paying their huge debt. Anyway, let’s leave that for another day, here are MTN best plans on all device..

1. Monthly Plans

MTN has got affordable data plans for browsing, they are closely trailing Glo in providing cheap plans. Android, PC, iOS and others can use them without any extra settings. Click here to get started.

2. Night Plan for Pulse Users

MTN Pulse users can always testify to this, Night Plan is only available on MTN iPulse or Pulse prepaid plan. Get 500MB for N25 just like Airtel. It can be used between 12am to 4:30am. Click here to get started.

3. 1GB for N500 for Pulse Users

Etisalat provides 500MB for N500, why choose Etisalat when you can get double for the same price. MTN will 1 gigabyte of data for 500 naira, valid for 7 days and suitable for any device. This however, is only available on MTN Pulse. Click here to get started.



Newest mobile telecommunications but gradually blending in. NTel is not available in all states at the moment, you will only get to enjoy the taste of NTel 4G LTE service in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt.

They provide unlimited data plan but I believe it’s very expensive for a start and considering the financial capacity of an ordinary man, it’s very unaffordable. Perhaps, you might want to give it a shot, they have a day plan that is very fast and truly unlimited. Click here to get started.

Extra: Check out the price of Express WiFi Data, they are also very cheap.

To sum it all up:

This post contains a list of all the best plans Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN and NTel in Nigeria for the month of October 2016, subscribing to your desired plan now depends on your financially capacity and the strength of network. There is no point forcing yourself on cheap Glo data plans when you know it’s terrible, or using Airtel when it can’t even buffer an ordinary video on YouTube. Choose the right plan depending on the strongest network signal, there is nothing more annoying than a slow internet!

Once more, happy new month and happy Independence day to you all, as you set out for an exciting journey this month, your heart desires shall come to you on a platter of gold, stay safe! NKH appreciates you!

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